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Pick fair

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Q: What was the center of the movie industry in the 1920's?
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Which grew significantly during the 1920s?

Cars; the movie industry; electric utilities; radio industry.

What Ohio city became the center of the tire and rubber industry in the 1920s?

I believe Dayton

What was the center of the Movie Industry?


What major industry boomed in the 1920s?

the industry of alcohol

What city is the center of India's movie industry?

Mumbai Mumbai

What industry had the biggest impact on the economy in the 1920s?


Where was the American movie industry based in the 1920s?

In the formative years of the American movie industry, film-makers worked in such unlikely places as Fort Lee, New Jersey (and sometimes Havana, Cuba). But by the early 1920s, movie-making was almost entirely based in Hollywood, California. Major companies such as Warner Brothers (1923) and MGM (1924) were founded in Hollywood, and a number of elaborate and ornate new theaters were built in and around nearby Los Angeles, to support the growing film industry.

How did mass production help build up the advertising industry during the 1920s?

An increase in the advertising industry

What exposed the meat packing industry in the 1920s?

Upton Sinclairs The Jungle

How did the growth business and industry affect woman in the 1920s?

The growth of business and industry in the 1920s offered more services to help manage the home. It also provided more opportunities for both men and women.

What industry did not prosper in the 1920?

the ones who did not prosper in the 1920s was African Americans and farmers

Who was the movie comedian of the 1920s and 1930s?


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