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In the year 1002 or 1003.

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in 988Ad

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Q: What was the date of Leif Eriksson's voyage?
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What was Leif erikssons purpose of voyage?

He was searching for new lands to colonize.

When is the birth date of Leif Erikssons birth?

The exact date is unknown. It is believed he was born in the year 970.

What is leif erikssons real name?

leif erickson

Who was leif erikssons wife?

A princess

What was Leif Erikssons adulthood like?

very lonely.

Leif Erikssons mum name?

Sarah Pickleman

What are the names of Leif Erikssons brothers?

Thorvald and Thorsteinn.

What did Leif erikssons early years?

He was a taller with his dad

Who is leif erikssons wife name?

Anna ross

Who was leif erikssons sister?

He had a half sister named Freydis.

What was the purpase of explorer leif erikssons exdpedition?

To find new lands to colonize.

Who funded leif erikssons exploration?

No one. He supplied his own ship and supplies.