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Rick, one of Terri's ex-boyfriends, who abused her, and was shunned by other students at Degrassi. He shot Jimmy, who is portrayed by Aubrey Graham (Drake).

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Jimmy Brooks

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Jimmy brooks

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Q: What was the name of drake on degrassi?
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Who sings the best i ever it drake from degrassi?

Drake from degrassi does sing "best i ever had". His real name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

What is drake lastname off of the show degrassi?

Drake's character's last name is Brookes.

Didn't drake used to play in degrassi?

Yes, he did. His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

What job did Drake have before Degrassi?

drake's real name is Aubrey drake graham and before he went on Degrassi he was recording songs for other types of singers AND HE IS A CANADIAN WICH IS WEIRD BUT COOL HU

What is jimmy's real name from degrassi?

The actor who plays Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi is Aubrey "Drake" Graham.

What is drake the entertainer real name?

Jimmy Brooks.He licked Asley's "STARFISH" on Degrassi..:)

What is the wheelchair guys real name in degrassi?

Aubrey Grahm (now known as "Drake") plays the character of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.

What had hppen to drake on the degrassi?

He didn't get kicked off Degrassi. He graduated from Degrassi Community School and through the Degrassi plot lines, he became the well-known singer named Drake. His real name is Audrey Graham. PS. Jimmy Brook's plot lines did not actually happen to Drake.

What episode was drake on the degrassi?

Aubrey "Drake" Graham is in 138 episodes of the Canadian based teen drama television show, Degrassi.

Is drake the rapper on degrassi?


Did Drake play on Degrassi?

Drake stopped acting on Degrassi in 2009 when he singed into Cash Money records.

What year did aubrey drake graham left degrassi?

Drake leaves Degrassi in Season 7 2008 . But appears in Season 8 once or twice.