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The survivors of the sinking of Titanic were rescued by the Carpathia.

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The survivors of Titanic were rescued by Carpathia.

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No ist was the Carpathia

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The Capathia.

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Q: What was the name of the boat that the survivors of the titanic got on?
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How many people got to land after the Titanic had sunk?

Titanic had 712 survivors( and 1,496 victims.)

How many people got off the titanic alive?

There were 712 survivors of the sinking of Titanic (and 1,496 victims).

How many people got off the titanic in time?

There were 712 survivors of Titanic scattered in the lifeboats.

How many people got saved when the titanic sank?

2AnswerActually, about 711 people "survived". A few lost, so they were guessed as survived, and some escaped on lifeboats. The plot of the movie Titanic is completely fake, except for the boat sinking.

Has the Titanic boat got found?

yes, it's been found for quite a while

How did the titanic gets its name?

Titanic got her name from the Titans in Greek mythology, as did Olympic from the Olympians.

What happened to the survivors on the Titanic how did they get home?

Most of them went on the Carpathia ship, and got home that way... most of them took the life bota to land

Who is the came up with the idea of Super Smash Bros? of the titanic survivors(whos feet got frostbitten)came up with the idea because he got bored.

What is the topic of the Titanic?

Depending on context, the most obvious answer (and shortest) is that a boat called Titanic got struck by iceberg on her maiden voyage from UK to USA and sank.

How did Titanic get her name?

the titanic got her name from being so big. people just thought it would be a good name for such a giant ship

How many survivors got on the lifeboats on titanic?

I think, about 50 people or anything about 100 and below. But I have strong feelings for 60 and below.

Titanic how'd it sink?

the titanic sank because while on the journey to America the boat that was called UNSINKABLE sank. there were many warnings for iceburgs. while the alrams went off around the ship, people started to load in lifeboats. suddenly the titanic hit an iceburg. the bottom was watertight meaning no water can get through. the bottom of the titanic hit the iceburg and broke the watertight seal. water got through and keot rising to the top of the boat. everyone was immediatly called to evacuate. in seconds, the titanic started to sink from the bottom end of the boat. when it got to high, the titanc split into two. the titanic was destroyed.