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The first blue Peter dog was 'Petra'

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Q: What was the name of the first 'Blue peter' dog?
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What is the name of peter hatchers dog?

The name of Peter Hatcher's dog is "Turtle" the name of the dog is "Turtle".

What was Peter Pans dog named?

Peter Pan didn't have a dog, you are probably thinking about the Darling's nanny named Nana.

Who would win Barney the Blue Peter dog or Barney the dinosaur?

Barney the dinosaur, because he would probably kill Barney the blue Peter dog, just by swearing at him so much! (did u hear? he swore at a little kid!)

What is Peter Pan's dog's name?

Peter Pan doesn't have a dog. The dog belongs to the Darling family and is called Nana.

What is the breed of the new blue peter dog Barney?

Barney is a Irish setter/Dachshund cross