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Q: What were the hooded figures in American Horror Story Coven?
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What were the black hooded figures in the opening credits of American Horror Story Coven?

Okay. I'm pretty sure most people have seen the AHS: Coven opening credits (if you haven't, I'll link it down below) so what exactly are the black hooded figures in almost every scene. Do they have something to do with witch craft? Are they suppose to resemble the KKK? What the hell are they. I've been curious ever since I first watched it, so if someone could please answer this, it'd be nice. Here's the opening credits:

What are the ratings and certificates for American Horror Story - 2011 Protect the Coven 3-11?

American Horror Story - 2011 Protect the Coven 3-11 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16

Who is the next supreme in American Horror Story?

The next Supreme in American Horror Story's Coven was Fiona Goode's daughter, Cordelia Foxx.

Where can you watch American Horror Story for free?

Recently coven has been added to Netflix.

What are the release dates for American Horror Story - 2011 Protect the Coven 3-11?

American Horror Story - 2011 Protect the Coven 3-11 was released on: USA: 15 January 2014 Spain: 27 January 2014 Germany: 12 February 2014

When will season three of American Horror Story be on netflix?

American horror story will be back on halloween with a whole new cast in a whole new state HOPE THIS HELPS IM OBSESSED WITH AMERICAN HORROR STORY

What is the name of James' coven in Twilight?

James' coven is The American nomads coven. It consists of James, Victoria, and Laurent.

Is Addy from American Horror Story handicapped?

Jamie Brewer, the actress who plays Addy in AHS: Murder House and Nan in AHS: Coven, has Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is less a handicap than a genetic disorder.

What coven is bree tanner in?

the American nomads with riley and Victoria

What is the other Vampire family besides the Cullen family?

There are a lot!! 1. the amazon coven 2. the Denali cove 3. the Egyptian coven 4. the Irish coven 5. the romanian coven 6. the volturi coven 7. the volturi guard 8. the American nomads 9. the European nomads

What are the different vampire covens in Breaking Dawn?

Including the Cullens, there are seven different vampire covens. The Amazon Coven, the Denali Coven, the Egyptian Coven, the Irish Coven, the Olympic Coven (The Cullens), the Romanian Coven and the Volturi Coven. There is also the Volturi Guard, the American Nomads, and the European Nomads.

Name all of the vampire clans mentioned in The Twilight Saga?

The Amazon coven The Denali Coven The Egyptian Coven The Irish Coven The Olympic Coven The Romanian Coven The Volturi Coven