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Q: What year was the color purple based on?
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What is the nation gay color this year?

The national gay color of the year 2012 is Purple.

What year did color purple release?

the color purple was released in 1985 December 18 , 1985 27 years ago

What is the color used for a 100 year anniversary?


What movie won Oscar over color purple?

Out of Africa (1985) won Best Picture the year The Color Purple was nominated.

How much are color purple tickets worth?

The prices of a ticket to the play The Color Purple can vary based upon where the ticket is purchased. A ticket can be purchased from Telecharge and StubHub.

What famous movies or books have the color purple in their name?

The most famous movie with the coler purple in it name ist 'The Color Purple' directed by Steven Spielberg. It is based on the novel by Alice Walker and was released in 1985.

What makes a purple potato purple?

They contain the same antioxidants found in blueberries- anthocyanin which gives blueberries their blue color and purple potatoes their purple color. The color that anthocyanin takes is based upon the pH. A purple potato is a kind of potato that has purple skin and or flesh (sometimes called blue) with varieties being Purple Peruvian, Davis Purple, Eureka Purple, Fenton Blue, Purple Mountain, Blue Tomcat etc.

Good name for 10 year old girls softball team with the uniform color purple?

Good name for ten year old girls softball tema with the uniform color purple

What color will Diary of a Wimpy Kid your last year be?

black and purple

What movie won the Oscar the year the color purple was nominated?

Out of Africa

What is The Color Purple?

The Color Purple is a movie about an African American woman struggling to get away from an abusive husband. It is also a current Broadway show, which is based on the movie.

What was Ada Lovelace's favorite color?

pUrPlE(purple) U.U