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He first kisses her when she visits him at his house, and she breaks her hand punching his face.

Then he kisses her before he fights.

Jacob tells Bella that he'll go fight and like, die...Bella doesn't want that so she asks Jake to kiss her right before he leaves for the fight.

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Q: When does Bella ask Jacob to kiss her in Eclipse?
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What chapter did Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

Chapter 23: Monster Book: Eclipse.

Why does Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

because she does not want him to go into fight

What page in eclipse does Jacob kiss Bella?

Not Sure about the page but he declares his love right at the end of the chapter 'Declaration' and then kisses her right at the start of 'Wager'. I'll ask my sister the page x

In eclipse when does Edward ask Bella to marry him?

Edward doesn't ask in Eclipse, he ask her in at the end of New Moon. Bella says yes in Eclipse

Why did Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

So Jacob doesnt commit suicide cause Bella's marrying and going to become a vampire. I didnt understand at first but my friend said that Jacob heard Bella and edward in the tent discussing wedding vows or somthing.

When did Jacob kiss Bella?

Jacob kisses Bella in eclipse twice!!! da first kiss wuz him forcing her cuz u know how strong he iz nd how much he likes her nd how shes all in love with edward..well yea nd then Bella tells edward nd edward tells Jacob that if he ever kisses her again he will snatch hiz head offf datt iz unless Bella iz to ever ask Jacob to do it nd Bella murmurs to herself never...then later on ,the werewolves nd cullens team up to destroy Victoria nd the young vampires she has created (which young vampires are unexperienced nd are thirsty for blood which Victoria has tld them to get Bella,Edwards mate,) so they take Bella to some mountain or something lika datt nd there she stays with both edward nd Jacob nd when Jacob iz bout to go fight Victoria , Bella doesnt want him to go nd she begs him nd hes like kiss me so shes ask him to nd then they kiss nd while theyre kissing she pictures her world with Jacob nd how they would get married nd havve kids,,, a perfect world nd datts when she realizes shes in love with both Jacob nd edward......lolz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ok um this answer is wrong heres what really happened the first kiss is right but the second kiss is rong ill tell u the truth what happened in the second kiss Jacob heard that Bella and edward was getting married so Jacob was trying to kill himself then Bella said Jacob NO! and Jacob said why tell me one good reason so Bella said she needs him and Jacob said not good enough so Bella said hes important Jacob says not good enough so the only thing that can make Jacob not killing himself is that Jacob kissing Bella so she asks Jacob to kiss her so he did and edward knows that Jacob kissed Bella he wasnt mad at Jacob or Bella because he understands that Bella is in love with Jacob to edward also knows that Jacob tricked Bella into kissing him

Was Jacob a liar?

Do you mean Jacob Black from the Twilight series? If so he wasn't necessarily a liar, even though everyone is a liar at some point, but he did try to get Bella's attentions by tricking her into kissing him in the Eclipse book by saying if she didn't ask him to kiss her he would sacrifice himself in the newborn fight.

What does Edward ask Jacob to do if Bella dies in breaking dawn?

Edward asks Jacob to kill him if Bella dies.

What does Edward ask Bella at the end of eclipse?

to marry him

Does Edward and Bella marry?

In eclipse Edward ask Bella hand in marriage. In breaking dawn they get hitched

How do you get Bella Thorne to follow you?

you have to meet her in the USA and ask her to kiss

In Eclipse chapter did Edward ask Bella to married him?

he asked in new moon but they talk about it in chapter 20 of eclipse

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