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Scientifically, the average age is 14 and a half. Although, I don't know anyone who stopped growing at that age though! I am a 33-year-old. I haven't grown an inch since the 8th grade. I'm 5 ' 2." Most girls have stopped growing by the time they are 18. I stopped at 14. My daughter stopped at 15.

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Q: When does a teenage girl stop growing in height?
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At what age do you stop growing in height?

For boy 21 and girl 17

How old do teenage girls stop growing in height?

5"6--5"10 Usually depending on nutrition.

When will my height stop I had an early teenage so i don't know if my height will stop now or after a year or two am 15 years old teenage girl?

usually, you would have your growth period after menstruating. After this, you'd have about 3 years to grow and then it usually stops

How do you stop gaining height?

There is no way to stop gaining height. You will stop growing in height when your body says you are done.

How can you stop your height growing?

you cannot

How can you stop the growing of a Aussie Salix tree at the height that it is now?

yOU CANT STOP THEM FROM growing but after about 8 months it will stop growing.

When does a St. Bernard stop growing in height?

When you stop feeding it

When do girls stop growing in height?

Girls usually stop growing when they are at the ages of 18-21

What if you stop growing before puberty?

If you stop growing before puberty, you will remain at that height after puberty.

When does the great Pyrenees dog stop growing?

They usually stop growing (height wise) at the age of 2.

How can you stop your height?

There is no way to stop height without being unhealthy. Your height is genetic, so you will automatically stop growing when your DNA tells it cant

How can a seventeen year old girl increase her height by 3-4 inches?

No. Girls typically stop growing at 16 years so a seventeen year old girl probably won't increase in height at all.

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