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GTA 5 was released on September 17, 2013.

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gta 5 hasn't come out yet, why say gta6!?

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Q: When is gtav coming out?
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How do you find a tank in GtaV?

You can find it close by the East side of Vinewood.

Will there be a GTAV?

Yes, GTA V is going to be released on September 17, 2013.

'how much time do i play gtav'?


Can you fly planes in GTAv?

Yes you can, it has one of the larges maps created out of all the GTA versions

Will they be a GTAv?

Yes there will be the gamemakers of GTA V said they would come out in between september to october in 2012.

Is GTAV 2 player?

depends on two things is it the first one and do you have on-line capability if it is gta iv or up there is and gta vi has on-line capability

What is PC Requirements for GTAV?

As GTA V is still in development and not yet due for release, they won't be releasing any system requirements specs yet. Those generally only get released roughly around the time pre-orders are announced. However, my guess is that it shouldn't be much more intensive than GTA IV.

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What the next Grand Theft Auto video game called?

Not sure when this was posted, but the game GTA5 has been out since 2013, so I assume you mean the next generation, which I don't believe has been released, so it's anybody's best guess. Everyone I know would refer to it as just GTA 6.

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