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Kenan and Kel originally aired from July 15, 1996 to May 3, 2000.

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The pilot episode of the TV show Kenan & Kel was aired on July 15th, 1996, and the official first episode of season one was aired on August 17th 1996.

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Q: When was Kenan and Kel's first episode aired?
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GABRIELLA One of everything (Chad, Coach Bolton and Coach Kellog walk over to Troy; Gabriella walks away) COACH BOLTON Coach Kellog, you got any empty lockers up at U of A? COACH KELLOG Not for long I hope (Mr. Danforth walks up) COACH BOLTON I bet Charlie Danforth will suit up for you next season, too, if you just ask him MR. DANFORTH A front-row seat will do just fine COACH KELLOG Well, the kind of team play I saw tonight goes a long way with me, and we're counting on seeing you both in Redhawk uniforms next season, right? CHAD Done deal MR. DANFORTH Amen to that, son! (Mr. Danforth, Chad, Coach Kellog & Coach Bolton walk away; Jimmie walks in) JIMMIE Dude, great house! Your room is way cool! TROY You were in my room? JIMMIE I took a picture. Look. I'm doing mine the same way. TROY Wow. That's great, Jimmie. Oh, man, I left the championship trophy in my truck……I hope it's still there…… JIMMIE Don't worry, I'm on it! (Jimmie runs away) (Troy walks over to Gabriella) TROY One of everything. Your wish is my command. Now follow me. (Troy and Gabriella climb into a tree house and sit down there) GABRIELLA Another top secret hiding place? TROY You are the second girl ever allowed up here (Gabriella raises eyebrow) TROY The other was my mom, and she only climbed up to get me down. I haven't been up here since I was ten…… (Gabriella gives him a look) TROY Okay……thirteen (Gabriella continues looking) TROY All right, last week. When I was nervous about the game GABRIELLA Well, I'm honored. And ready for these…… (Gabriella grabs a full plate of cupcakes and they both take one) GABRIELLA Was that the coach from U of A down there? (Troy nods) GABRIELLA I bet he's already got your name on a locker TROY Yeah, it's always been my dad's dream that I end up at his alma matter GABRIELLA My mom and I have been talking about Stanford University ever since I was born TROY And you're already accepted. That's so cool GABRIELLA Except my mom won't stop talking about it. It's embarrassing TROY She's proud of you. So am I. Everyone is GABRIELLA The thing about Stanford is that it's a thousand and…… TROY & GABRIELLA Fifty-three miles…… TROY From here. I know. And now the rest of the school year is coming at us so fast. GABRIELLA I wish it would all just……stop. At least, slow down. (Song: Right Here, Right Now) MRS. BOLTON Troy, you have guests! Hi, Gabriella! (Troy & Gabriella climb down the tree house) (The next day at East High, a pink mustang comes to school, Sharpay walks down the halls to see Troy and Basketball team at the trophy stand) SHARPAY Hi, Troy! When's the big game? TROY Yesterday (Sharpay looks at her cell phone) SHARPAY Well, good luck! Toodles! (Sharpay walks to her locker, Tiara taps her shoulder, Sharpay startled) SHARPAY What are you? I mean who are you? TIARA Good morning, Miss Evans. I'm Tiara Gold. I've just transferred to East High from London and noticed on the board that you were in need of a personal assistant? SHARPAY Well, with finals, prom, and graduation, I need someone tracking my appointments and assignments. Most important, I need someone to run lines with me for the spring musical. That's a theater term for…… TIARA Learning your role. I understand. It's best to keep science and math together, since those are your first classes of the day SHARPAY How do you know my schedule? TIARA I took the liberty of checking, simply to make certain I'd have your nonfat, no-foam soy latte ready for free period SHARPAY One packet of sweetener TIARA Organic, of course SHARPAY I'll e-mail you my wardrobe choices each morning so that our outfits won't clash. By the way, I like the accent (Sharpay walks away) (Troy walks into Miss Darbus' Classroom; Jimmie runs into him) JIMMIE Troy, my brother, can I have your gym locker? TROY What? JIMMIE Like……starting next week? It'll help me with the guys next season if you do that TROY Why didn't I think of that? JIMMIE Oh, man! Another tardy (Jimmie runs down the hall; Troy and all the seniors enter the classroom) (Sharpay & Tiara walk in the classroom) SHARPAY Oh, you can go now TIARA I managed to transfer into your homeroom. Just in case I could be of service SHARPAY Some people might be freaked out by you. Me……I like it. Take a seat. (Miss Darbus enters classroom) MISS DARBUS All right, settle down. I know we're all still excited about the Wildcat's top-to-bottom championship…… CHAD That would be back-to-back, Miss D! MISS DARBUS In any case, it was a grand slam! Well done! Now, student body president and co-editor of the yearbook, Taylor McKessie has important announcements. Taylor? (Taylor stands up) TAYLOR Senior-trip subcommittee meets tomorrow and reports Thursday to prom committee, headed by Martha……Pick up your prom tickets from her. Graduation committee convenes Monday, following yearbook planning. Picture deadline is Thursday. Finals study groups alternate with all of the above. Questions? CHAD What's the lunch special in the cafeteria today? TAYLOR New York Deli. Anyone else? MISS DARBUS Moving on. Sharpay Evans, four-term Drama Club co-president……spring musical report? SHARPAY With prom, finals, and everyone being so busy, we'll select something very modest to perform. Perhaps even a one-woman show. MISS DARBUS A little light on the sign-ups, Kelsi? KELSI Oh, no, actually we're doing pretty well…… (Miss Darbus grabs clipboard) MISS DARBUS Well, well, well……almost the entire homeroom. How inspiring! (Everyone looks at Kelsi) MISS DARBUS So, I'll be seeing all of you during free period to discuss the show, and for a very special announcement…… TROY Leave it to Darbus to make free period mandatory (In the Auditorium with the Senior Class and Miss Darbus) (Everyone crowds Kelsi) JASON I'll be retaking my finals two or three times. I'm moving into the library TROY Kels, I was going to be using free period to work on my truck ZEKE I've got five new recipes to nail for my Family Science final (Taylor grabs Gabriella) TAYLOR We've got a yearbook to edit. So no can do. KELSI Sorry. I just thought since it was the last show, everyone would want to do it GABRIELLA Hey. Listen up! Kelsi's right! We should do this. Jason……Taylor, Martha and I can help you study. Zeke……we're your official tasters. This is our last chance to do something together, all of us. Something really fun. SHARPAY Oh, yippie TAYLOR But how much time will it take? CHAD And what is the show about? MISS DARBUS You, Mr. Danforth. The spring musical is all about……you CHAD Me? (Sharpay faints into Tiara's arms; Tiara sprays mineral water on her face and she wakes up) MISS DARBUS It's about all of you. And all of you will create it……a show about your last days at East High. We'll call it……Senior Year! SHARPAY Genius MISS DARBUS Kelsi will compose, Ryan choreograph……and I'll do my best to guide you. Now, important news from The Juilliard School in New York City, America's preeminent college for the performing arts. Yes, for the first time in East High history, four of you are being considered for one available theater arts scholarship. Yes, Juilliard is considering Miss Sharpay Evans…… SHARPAY I'm already packed MISS DARBUS Mr. Ryan Evans…… (Ryan does a small tap dance) MISS DARBUS Miss Kelsi Nielsen…… KELSI Whoa! They got my letter! MISS DARBUS Indeed they did, and finally……Mr. Troy Bolton. Juilliard will send representatives to observe our spring show. So……good luck to our four applicants! (Troy started to laugh) TROY All right……who's the big comedian? Ha, ha, ha. Pretty good, dude MISS DARBUS Is there something wrong? TROY I didn't apply. I've never heard of……Juilliard MISS DARBUS Well, that may be, Mr. Bolton, but, evidently, Juilliard has heard of you, and as you create this show, then you must dig down and think about your aspirations, your dreams for the future. Line up, please. Let's begin with Mr. Danforth CHAD My dreams? U of A. Hoops all the way! MISS DARBUS Miss McKessie? TAYLOR My future? I'd like to be president of the United States. JASON Do we get extra credit for just……like……showing up? KELSI To write some songs we'll remember…… (Martha runs into the theater) MISS DARBUS Martha Cox, you're late! MARTHA I had my American Folk Dance class……and thought maybe we could use a few more dancers…… MISS DARBUS I'm feeling the show already! Troy Bolton? TROY To bust whoever signed me up for this! MISS DARBUS And Miss Montez? GABRIELLA I think we should stage the perfect prom SHARPAY That's adorable! What do I want? Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin……but I know where it ends. Center stage, a single spotlight……a huge marquee that reads…… (Sharpay lifts her hands in the air; they all walk away) (In the Cafeteria with Sharpay, Ryan, Tiara and Everyone) RYAN I'll have the New York Deli Platter, please, double cheese. And throw in that "Big Apple" parfait……if they make it there, I'll eat anywhere. SHARPAY How can you think of food at a time like this? RYAN Maybe because it's lunchtime SHARPAY I'm talking about the show, Ryan! That puppy dog Troy Bolton pretended to know nothing about Juilliard (Sharpay, Ryan and Tiara sat at their table) RYAN Troy looked genuinely surprised SHARPAY Oh, so the theater fairy magically sent in Troy's application? Performers can't fool me, Ryan. They're deceitful, ambitious and ruthless! RYAN Aren't we……performers? SHARPAY Exactly! (Song: I Want It All) RYAN Wait a minute……Ms. D. said there's only one scholarship available SHARPAY We're twins. They'll have to take us both. Kelsi always writes her best songs for Troy and Gabriella. So you make certain we get those songs RYAN How? SHARPAY Polish her glasses. Buy her some ruby slippers. I don't know. Just do it! (The next day at the front doors of East High with Gabriella & Taylor) GABRIELLA Coming to rehearsal today? TAYLOR Do I have a choice? You got us into this. Which I don't understand. Have you even told anyone you're up for Stanford's freshman honors program? (Gabriella shakes her head) TAYLOR You're going to hear from them any day GABRIELLA I already heard from them (Gabriella's cell phone rings) TROY Look up GABRIELLA Huh? (Troy waves from the rooftop of school) GABRIELLA Gotta go! (At the Rooftop Garden with Troy & Gabriella) TROY You've got to help me with this. Which one should I wear? (Troy holds up three tuxedos) GABRIELLA Because……? TROY You're going to have a beautiful dress, and I want to look right. GABRIELLA I've never been asked to a prom, but this almost sounds like an invitation (Troy grabs out two tickets to the East High Senior Prom) TROY Will we have to waltz? I really don't know how to do that GABRIELLA All I know is what my dad showed me when I was a little girl. I'd stand on his toes, and he'd waltz me around the living room. Come here (Song: Can I Have This Dance?) TROY Is that a yes? GABRIELLA Yes in every language! (They run back to the hallways) (In the Locker Room with Troy, Chad, Jimmie and Donny) TROY Yo, Rocketman…… (Jimmie and Donny walk over) TROY You guys wanted our lockers? CHAD Well, it's moving day! JIMMIE Sweet! (Troy and Chad start running with their clothes into the main hallway) DONNY Hey, joke's over, guys! (Troy, Chad, Jimmie and Donny run into the auditorium while everyone was rehearsing) GABRIELLA Yearbook opportunity! (Gabriella & Taylor take pictures) TAYLOR Got it! MISS DARBUS Bold choice, gentleman, bold choice. We must all have the courage to discover ourselves. However, at East High, we'll discover ourselves while clothed. But welcome to our spring musical. And on with the show. (At Gabriella's House with Troy & Gabriella) TROY If my truck falls apart because I'm spending my free time onstage, it's all on you GABRIELLA Me? TROY You think I'd be up there if it wasn't for you? GABRIELLA Yeah, I do (Gabriella & Troy head to the backyard) GABRIELLA Troy, I watched you in rehearsal. You love it. Why is that so hard for you to admit? TROY It isn't to you. But to my dad? To Chad? Yeah, that's a little hard. GABRIELLA It shouldn't be TROY They're happy as long as we're talking about U of A. You chose Stanford……U of A was sort of chosen for me. I haven't been talking about this with anyone……but I've had offers from other colleges. And I'm really listening. GABRIELLA I get it, Troy. I've still got decisions to make, too. TROY Like what? (Mrs. Montez comes out) MRS. MONTEZ I've got snacks for you inside……I think I interrupted something GABRIELLA Just talking, Mom (The next day at the Yearbook Room with Taylor, Gabriella, Chad & Troy) TAYLOR Kissing up to the yearbook editors. Very smart move. TROY Chad's hoping for two pages for himself. Maybe even a third page, just for his hair. CHAD Hey, what's right is right. Hoops, by the way, you've got to take me after school to check out the whole tuxedo thing. TROY I'm definitely an expert TAYLOR Tuxedo? What for? CHAD Um……prom? (All girls lift their heads up high) TAYLOR Honey, if that's what you call a formal invitation, you'll be dancing with yourself (Taylor walks away) (In Sharpay's Dressing Room with Sharpay and Tiara) (Tiara holds up pictures of Sharpay) SHARPAY Yes! No……No……Yes……No. How many have I approved? TIARA Sixty-seven SHARPAY That'll do. Deliver those to the yearbook room (Zeke walks in the doorway) ZEKE Hey Sharpay SHARPAY Zeke! Cookies? Oh, you don't have cookies ZEKE Um……Sharpay……there's something I've been wanting to ask you for about a year…… SHARPAY Oh, Zeke, glad you stopped by. You're taking me to prom. Don't buy a corsage, it's being flown in from Hawaii TIARA I've sent the florist a fabric swatch SHARPAY Daddy will arrange limousine and restaurant (Tiara begins to measure Zeke's shoulders and arms) SHARPAY Your tuxedo will be delivered, but don't wear it to your ballroom-dance lessons. ZEKE Dance lessons? SHARPAY Beginning Monday. Questions? No. Good. Toodles! (Zeke walks away to Jason) JASON Well? ZEKE I didn't even give her a chance to say no (In the Cafeteria with Troy, Chad, Kelsi, Martha, Gabriella, Taylor and the Wildcats) TROY Now or never, dude CHAD Okay, okay. I'm going in (Troy takes the basketball and gives a bouquet of flowers) TROY The Garden Club is rooting for you (Chad walks down to Taylor, Kelsi, Gabriella & Martha) CHAD So, anyway, I was really hoping you'd kind of go to the prom with me TAYLOR Oh, hi, Chad. Hey, they've got Tuna Surprise on the menu. Your favorite. CHAD The prom. I'm asking you. TAYLOR It's so loud in here. You'll have to speak up. (Troy raises his hand and the cafeteria grew silent; Chad kneels down) CHAD Taylor McKessie, will you please be my date to the senior prom? TAYLOR I'd be honored (Everyone claps and cheers) (Troy runs down to Chad) CHAD Dude, I need to go shoot some hoops. Right away (In the Gym with Troy & Chad) TROY Horse! CHAD Go again? TROY Dude, we can shoot hoops all day, but we still got to get you into a tuxedo. No way out, man. (In the Theater with everyone and Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS Kelsi, the music is splendid, Ryan, your choreography is most inventive. Jason, we don't chew gum in the theater…… (Sharpay grabs Ryan and nods toward Kelsi) SHARPAY I heard she's writing something amazing for Troy and Gabriella RYAN A song, most likely SHARPAY Find out what it is! (Sharpay pushes Ryan toward the piano right in front of Kelsi) RYAN So, hey, how can we make this whole show better? Maybe we could get together? KELSI I'm in the music room every morning as soon as they unlock the school. Actually, I have my own key, but don't tell anyone. It's really early but……I do have a teapot. Come on by! (Jimmie runs to Troy) JIMMIE Hey, good job, Troy! TROY Stop doing that! Look, there's Sharpay! You didn't hear this from me, but she has a secret crush on you. (Jimmie walks toward Sharpay, but is interrupted by Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS Mr. Zara? JIMMIE Call me Rocketman if you want to MISS DARBUS How generous, and since you've been such a……dedicated presence here, I'm making you an understudy. (Tiara walks up to Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS Tiara, you as well JIMMIE I'm in! Hey, Donny, I'm IN!!! I'm playing understudy DONNY Way cool. You rock, Jimmie Z! TIARA Understudy isn't a role, you morons. It means you go on if one of the leads can't make it for the performance. JIMMIE Oh. Well, you're one, too. TIARA The difference being I can actually carry a tune JIMMIE Hey, I wouldn't sing with you if my hair was on fire and you were the last bucket of water on the Earth TIARA And I wouldn't sing with you if I were starving and you were the last pickle at the picnic (Jimmie and Tiara look into each other's eyes) JIMMIE Want to have lunch sometime? (Tiara smiles and walks away) (In the Yearbook Room with Gabriella and Taylor) (Gabriella hands Taylor a letter) TAYLOR Stanford University's freshman honors program cordially…… (Taylor gives Gabriella a big hug) TAYLOR Just tell me you've already said yes……right? GABRIELLA I haven't even told my mom I got the letter. (Taylor gives Gabriella a look) (Tiara walks in and gives Gabriella Sharpay's photo album) (In the Computer Lab with Tiara and Sharpay) TIARA They select only thirty freshmen from the entire incoming class. It's a special three-week honors program. SHARPAY How prestigious TIARA But the program starts in two weeks! She'd miss our……your show. SHARPAY Oh, my goodness! What to do? Well, the show must go on……mustn't it? (The next day at East High in the Music Room with Kelsi) (Ryan enters and plays the first chord from Kelsi's song) RYAN Kind of beautiful KELSI Stuck on the bridge. Worried about the show…… RYAN Shouldn't be. It's sounding good. The prom number was great. So is this one. So……what are you doing prom night? KELSI It's two days before the dhow. I'll be working on charts and fixing orchestrations and probably changing song lyrics right up until…… RYAN Good. Pick you up at eight. (Kelsi & Ryan kiss) (Song: Just Wanna Be With You) (In the Auditorium with Ryan, Kelsi, Troy, Gabriella, Miss Darbus, Sharpay and the Wildcats) (Song: Just Wanna Be With You Continued) RYAN Pity the actor who has to follow that in the show. Wait. It might be me. GABRIELLA The way you dance, you've got no worries TROY Yeah, we're all trying to catch up with you SHARPAY Ryan? Did you get a copy of that song from Kelsi? RYAN No, but I'm taking her to prom! SHARPAY Brilliant! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now, get me that duet! RYAN Um……last time I checked, you're not Gabriella SHARPAY Don't be so sure (At Gabriella's House with Gabriella & Taylor) TAYLOR You should be throwing a party, not keeping a secret GABRIELLA But it starts at Stanford next week! I'll miss everything! TAYLOR You'll come back for prom and graduation. You had enough credits to graduate from East High last December. Sister, your future is calling, loud and clear! GABRIELLA Stop being my mom for a second and just be my friend! Maybe I like it here. Maybe I want to stay in Albuquerque as long as possible. Maybe I'll just stay here next year. TAYLOR What?!! (In the Junkyard with Troy, Chad & Mr. Riley) TROY My fuel pump is deceased, Mr. Riley MR. RILEY Dig around, you'll find one here. Can't wait to see you guys play for U of A next year. Already bought my season tickets. Lock up when you leave. (Mr. Riley leaves) CHAD Hear that? Season tickets. Time to start practicing, dude TROY Take a breather, LeBron. Man, don't you ever feel like your entire life is already being laid out for you? CHAD What's your point? TROY I just want my future to be……my future CHAD See what happens when you do a show? You're like……five people. TROY What's so bad about that? When we used to come here as kids, we'd be ten people! Spies, superheroes, rock stars……we were whatever we wanted to be, whenever we wanted to be it. It was us, man! CHAD We were eight years old. And for the record, I was a much better superhero than you. (Song: The Boys Are Back) CHAD What are you going to do if Juilliard says yes? TROY I don't know CHAD That's not what I wanted to hear. I'm getting you back in the gym tomorrow (At Gabriella's House with Gabriella & Taylor) TAYLOR Stay in Albuquerque? That makes no sense GABRIELLA And why do I always have to make sense? I'll still go to Stanford. But maybe in a year. I can take classes at U of A. I don't know TAYLOR U of A? You're not thinking clearly, because you're thinking about Troy. He's your first crush. But there'll be more boys, more Troys. (At Troy's House with Troy, Chad, Troy's Parents and Chad's Parents) COACH BOLTON First U of A game is at home against Trinity, but the next game is away……against Tulane. MRS. BOLTON That's New Orleans, right? MR. DANFORTH Road trip! (At Gabriella's House with Gabriella, Mrs. Montez & Taylor) MRS. MONTEZ High school feels like the most important thing in the world. When you're in it. But that changes. GABRIELLA Not everything has to change, Mom. I don't believe it. (At Troy's House and Gabriella's House, both at their balconies) (Song: Right Here, Right Now (Reprise)) (The next day at Gabriella's locker with Gabriella) (Troy walks in) TROY Okay, prom corsages. Take your pick, because if you leave it up to me……well…… GABRIELLA If you pick it out, I'm going to like it. Unless it's that one (Gabriella walks away; Sharpay comes in) SHARPAY Hi, Troy! I realized I haven't offered my congratulations TROY Thanks, but to tell you the truth, I'm glad the season's over SHARPAY I didn't mean basketball, silly, I meant Gabriella TROY Huh? SHARPAY Her missing the show is a little disappointing. But being selected for Stanford's freshman honors program……well, that's amazing for her. TROY I don't know what you're talking about SHARPAY Everyone else does. The whole school is buzzing. The honorees get to spend time with Stanford's top professors in special classes. Starting next week. TROY Next week? SHARPAY You really didn't know? Okay, this is a little awkward. I guess her not telling you means she's on the fence about it, but who better than Troy Bolton to encourage her to accept that honor, since the only thing possibly holding her back is……you (Sharpay walks off) (At Gabriella's House with Troy & Gabriella) TROY Pizza's here GABRIELLA I didn't order pizza TROY You didn't have to. Half vegetarian, half everything else. Oh, and let's not forget……what's a picnic without chocolate-covered strawberries? GABRIELLA You are one crazy Wildcat TROY So, here's the thing. Your freshmen honors program at Stanford…… GABRIELLA How'd you hear about that? TROY A lot of people heard about it, but I wasn't one of them. Why? GABRIELLA Because I never knew what you would say! TROY Of course you should to the honors program GABRIELLA I've been thinking of trying to talk my mom into letting me stay in Albuquerque for another year. Take some classes here, go to Stanford when I'm ready. TROY You just can't put off something as amazing as Stanford! GABRIELLA So, maybe I get to be a little crazy, everything about my life has been full-speed ahead. This is the first time I've ever even wanted it all to slow down……to a stop TROY We're going to graduate. That's going to happen. GABRIELLA Does everything feel that easy for you? Lucky you, I guess. I get it, it's senior year. This is what happens. But you know what, Troy, my heart doesn't know it's in high school. Don't say anything else. I'm way better at saying good-byes than you. I've had a lot of practice. (Gabriella kisses him on the cheek) TROY Wait, why are you saying good-bye? You'll be back for prom and graduation GABRIELLA I meant good-night (Troy leaves) (Song: Walk Away) (The next day in the auditorium with the Wildcats and Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS With Miss Montez unavailable to us, the show must go on. Sharpay, you'll do Gabriella's duet with Troy, Tiara, are you ready to step in for Sharpay? TIARA Those shoes are impossible to fill, Miss Darbus. MISS DARBUS Kelsi will work with you. All right, let's get going. Where's Troy? (At Troy's House with Troy and Coach Bolton) COACH BOLTON How's the big show going? TROY You don't want to know COACH BOLTON If I'm honest, I'm glad you're getting tired of it. I mean, when did you plan to tell me about this Juilliard thing? TROY Nothing to tell COACH BOLTON Well, maybe there is, I'm hearing you're thinking about other schools TROY U of A isn't the only school that has talked to me, Dad. You know that COACH BOLTON But it's the only school we've talked about. Hey, Chad would be pretty disappointed if you changed your mind, for one thing TROY He'd get over it. Would you? COACH BOLTON We've been going to U of A games since you were a little kid. All you ever talked about is being in a Redhawk uniform. TROY Only thing is, I'm not a little kid anymore. You raised me to make my own choices. I'm the one who needs to make them, not you or Chad or anyone else (Troy runs away) COACH BOLTON Hey, Troy…… (At East High with Troy walking around various places at East High) (Song: Scream) (Miss Darbus walks in and claps) TROY Um……I know I'm not supposed to be here, Ms. Darbus…… MISS DARBUS Nor am I, but I'm trying to rebalance a show which Sharpay is now playing Miss Montez. And the reason for you visit is……? TROY I guess I feel like this is a really good place to…… MISS DARBUS Scream? Feel free TROY Or just to think MISS DARBUS The stage is a wonderful partner in the process of self-discovery. You seen very comfortable up there TROY I do? MISS DARBUS Yes. Which is why I submitted an application in your name to Juilliard TROY It was you? MISS DARBUS Better to consider these opportunities now, than in ten years when life might limit your choices. If I've overstepped, I apologize TROY I'm not mad……just confused MISS DARBUS What I've learned from the stage is to trust one's instincts. And that takes courage, a quality you don't seem to lack. Stay as long as you like. Last one out turns off the lights. (Miss Darbus walks away) (At Stanford University with Gabriella) GABRIELLA Well, this is it! (At East High with the Wildcats and Miss Darbus) (The set falls down on top of everyone) TROY Hey, I'm sorry I've been messing up your songs a little KELSI It's all of us! And all of us pretty much know why. If it wasn't for Gabriella, our last musical would just be the Sharpay show (Troy nods and walks away) (At Stanford University with Gabriella) (Gabriella begins to sigh when she sees couples) (The next day at the Bolton's house with Troy, Chad & Mrs. Bolton) (Troy and Chad bring in their prom tuxedos) MRS. BOLTON Wow, gorgeous! TROY I'd like to take credit, but Gabriella picked it out MRS. BOLTON And I've ordered a corsage that's going to perfectly match her dress (Troy's cell phone rings) TROY Don't even say that! Gabriella, the prom is in two days. You're supposed to be on an airplane GABRIELLA It's taken me two weeks to get used to being away from you, from East High, and from all my friends. So I come back and go to the prom and I leave again? And then it's graduation, and I leave again? I don't think I can do it. I think I've run out of goodbyes, Troy. I really have. I need to stay right where I am. I'm sorry (Gabriella hangs up phone crying) TROY She's not coming back CHAD What? And miss prom? (Troy nods) CHAD Whoa. Hey, that's lousy, man. It really is. School ends, and you don't take the girl with you, right? Gabriella is one step ahead, as usual, but now, you snap out of it, dude. We're all starting over. She's at Stanford, Taylor's heading to Yale. We're at U of A. Whole new ball game TROY Maybe I don't see my life as a 'ball game' anymore, okay? (Chad walks away) (The next day limousines come to East High and the seniors head to the gym) (Chad and Taylor, Sharpay and Zeke, Ryan and Kelsi, and Martha and Jason dance) (Song: A Night to Remember) (At Stanford with Gabriella) (Gabriella walks around the quad with a big oak tree) (Troy stands up in the tree) TROY Figured you'd be the last one out of the building (Gabriella turns around and sees Troy) GABRIELLA I don't believe this! TROY I took a wrong turn on the way to my prom, and so did you GABRIELLA You're so crazy. What is it about you and trees? TROY I see things clearly from up here GABRIELLA You look handsome, but prom is……tonight. In Albuquerque, and that's a thousand miles away TROY My prom is wherever you are, and if I'm going to have a last dance at East High, it's going to be with you (Troy and Gabriella start to waltz around the quad) (They soon start to imagine themselves with their friends at the prom) (In the East High Gym and Auditorium with the Wildcats, including Troy & Gabriella) (Song: A Night to Remember Continues) (At Stanford with Gabriella and Troy) GABRIELLA It's the best prom I could have imagined, Troy TROY Well, if I learned to waltz, it's all your fault, but it's not just me who change when you came to East High, kids I used to just pass in the hallway, now we're all friends. And we're all supposed to do a show together. East High changed when you got there, and now it's changed because you left. You may be ready to say good-bye to East High, but East High isn't ready to say good-bye to you. (The next day in the auditorium for the opening night of Senior Year) (Sharpay walks to her dressing room, but is caught by Jimmie) JIMMIE We haven't officially met, even though I feel we know each other on a……sort of vibey level. I'm Jimmie 'the Rocket' Zara, and…… SHARPAY Jimmie the Rocket? What are you some sort of Muppet gangster. (Sharpay soon sneezes) SHARPAY Is that your cologne or a toxic spill? JIMMIE I bought it for the show. It's called Babe Magnet SHARPAY Get out of my way! Send Troy in to see me; we need to run the song! (Sharpay pushes Jimmie aside and walks away) (Jimmie's cell phone rings; it's a text message from Troy; Donny walks over) JIMMIE Hey, it's Troy. Troy Bolton is sending me a text. Checking in. 'Been driving all night. I'll try and get there for the second act. Break a leg' Break a leg? I don't get it DONNY Dude, I think it's showbiz for 'you're going on' JIMMIE As Troy? Onstage? DONNY That so rocks! (Donny and Jimmie run to Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS No Troy? Donny, get word to Kelsi. DONNY Ms. Darbus, I think he stopped breathing! MISS DARBUS Get him some oxygen! It's showtime! (Donny runs to Kelsi and whispers in her ear; Kelsi eyes widened) (Ms Darbus walks onstage) MISS DARBUS Welcome students, family, friends, and faculty of East High, to our spring musical. This musical is dedicated to our graduating class of seniors that have worked very hard on this project. The musical is about themselves and how they reflect on their final days at East High. So, without further a do, Senior Year! (Miss Darbus walks away) (Ryan lays on the piano, and sings with Kelsi) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (Last Chance)) (Whistle blows) (The Basketball Team and Cheerleaders come out) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (Now or Never)) (The Team and Cheerleaders walk off; Ryan and the Rockettes come in) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (I Want It All)) (Ryan and the Rockettes walk off) (Sharpay soon walks on the stage) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (Just Wanna Be With You)) (Jimmie runs in dressed in Wildcat uniform and fancy clothes and starts to sing) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (Just Wanna Be With You) Continues) (Sharpay starts to sneeze constantly and runs off the stage) (Jimmie soon walks off) (Troy & Gabriella soon come in) SHARPAY Perfect! Go for it. Save the day. Whoopee! (Troy and Gabriella walk onstage) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (Just Wanna Be With You) Continues) (In Sharpay's dressing room with Tiara and Sharpay) SHARPAY That's my dress! TIARA Had one made just like it. Only better! I'm playing Sharpay, remember? Do you mind stepping aside? I need to warm up and give a good first impression, since it will be my drama department next year SHARPAY You're not a singer; you're a London school-girl! TIARA Yes……London Academy of Dramatic Arts. I took the job with you to learn the theater ropes at East High. Now I have SHARPAY But you were so……humble! TIARA That's called acting. You should try it sometime! (Tiara walks onstage singing) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (A Night to Remember)) (In Sharpay's Dressing Room with Sharpay) (Sharpay starts to pretend boxing and looks at herself in the mirror) SHARPAY If East High is going to remember one Sharpay……it's going to be me! (Sharpay lowers down from the ceiling onstage in front of Tiara) (Song: Senior Year Spring Musical Medley (A Night to Remember) Continues) (The curtain comes down and everyone claps) (The curtain rises with the East High Seniors and Miss Darbus) MISS DARBUS Ladies and gentlemen, our seniors! Martha Cox. University of Southern California. Dance (Martha bows) MISS DARBUS Zeke Baylor. Teen Chef of the Year, Cornell University. Culinary. (Zeke bows) MISS DARBUS Kelsi Nielsen. The Juilliard School. Music (Kelsi cries and bows) MISS DARBUS Jason Cross. You did it. You graduated. (Jason bows) MISS DARBUS Taylor McKessie. Yale University. Magna Cum Laude. Political Science (Taylor bows) MISS DARBUS I'm pleased to announce that due to the excellence displayed here this evening, Juilliard has made an extraordinary decision. Another senior is now offered a Juilliard scholarship……Congratulations, Mr. Ryan Evans. Choreography (Ryan cries and bows; Kelsi runs over to Ryan and they kiss) MISS DARBUS And as I will be taking a sabbatical next fall, I can now reveal with great pride my choice to run East High's Drama Department during my absence. Congratulations and thank you……Miss Sharpay Evans. (Sharpay waves at Tiara and her mom and Tiara runs off) MISS DARBUS And now, a senior who, I believe, has a decision to make. Mr. Troy Bolton. Troy? TROY And I've chosen basketball, but I've also chosen theater. The University of California in Berkeley offers me both. And that's where I'll be going next fall. Most of all, I choose the person who inspires my heart, which is why I picked a school that's exactly 32.7 miles from……you. Gabriella Montez. Stanford University. School of Law (Troy and Gabriella both bow) MISS DARBUS Next, Mr. Chad Danforth, University of Albuquerque, Basketball scholarship (Chad runs off) TAYLOR He's gone! (Troy runs to find him) (In the Gym with Troy and Chad) CHAD So I guess when they hand us the diploma, we're actually done here TROY What makes you think we're getting diplomas? CHAD One question. Does Berkeley play…… TROY Yep, we're scheduled to kick the Redhawks' butts next November CHAD Game on, hoops! (Coach Bolton runs in the gym) COACH BOLTON Danforth! Bolton! Get out there and get onstage TROY Now there's something I never thought I'd hear my dad say! (Troy and Coach Bolton give each other a hug and run to the stadium for graduation) (In the Football Stadium with the Seniors, Miss Darbus, Troy's Parents, Chad's parents, Sharpay and Ryan's parents) (The seniors walk to the stadium and get their diplomas) (Song: We're All in This Together (Graduation Version)) (Everyone sits down and Troy walks on the stage to the podium) TROY East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brulee, and a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor. It's a place where one person, if it's the right person……changes us all. East High is having friends we'll keep for the rest of our lives. And that means we really are……all in this together. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat! (Seniors throw their hats up in the air and start running back and forth across the football stadium) (Song: High School Musical) (The next day in the Locker Room with Jimmie, Donny and the Basketball team) (Jimmie and Donny open their lockers) JIMMIE They left us their lucky socks! DONNY Still haven't been washed JIMMIE Wow! Those dudes are so cool. DONNY What team? JIMMIE Wildcats!!! DONNY What team? JIMMIE Wildcats! DONNY What team? JIMMIE AND THE TEAM: Wildcats! Get'cha head in the game! (Jimmie, Donny and Team give each other high-fives) THE END!!!

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