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filming stars April the scrips are being tweeted itv have commissioned the 5th series

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Q: When will filming begin and end of the new series of Doc Martin in 2011?
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When will Extravagant Challenge start?

It will begin filming March 2011.

When is the new K9 show broadcasting in Australia?

Assuming you mean Series 2, the production company website said it was in pre-production of the series with filming to begin n 2011. If that actually happens is anyone's guess.

Will the doctor regenarate in the 11th doctors first series?

no, Matt smith is already filming his second series (2011).

When will Twilight saga breaking dawn be in theaters?

Filming is said to begin Spring 2011 and should be released November 18, 2011.

When does the 2011 series of Doctor Who begin?

23 April, 2011.

When will rush the tv series return?

filming for rush season 4 begins mid 2011

Is there going to be a season five on iCarly?

Yes, Miranda cosgrove confirmed it! They begin filming in May 2011.

Will there be series 5 of doc Martin?

Yes, Martin Clunes announced earlier in 2010 that series 5 will be filmed in 2011. :)

Is there a scorpion island 2011?

Im not sure if they are filming a series 5 but series 4 which is currently being filmed will air in late 2010

When is Torchwood coming back?

Torchwood series 4 begins filming in January 2011, so it will probably air sometime in late 2011.

How many series of wild at heart have there been?

At the moment there has been 4 but hopfully there will be a 5th currently we are in series six, and will be filming series seven in may - December 2011.

Is there going to be a Series 5 of Doc Martin?

Yes in 2011.