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yes or italicize it

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Yes, you underline any title.

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Q: When writing a paragraph do you quote a movie or underline it?
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How many quotes are needed in each paragraph when writing an essay that compares differences in a movie and a book?

Each quote should have its own paragraph.

Do you underline the name of a magazine?

underline the name of a magazine but quote the names of the articles.

Do you underline or quote a story?

Underline. Unless you're typing, in which case you italicize it.

When writing dialog do you need to indent after each quote?

Yes, you indent each new paragraph.

Do you underline or quote television titles in a sentence?

Yes you do.

Do you underline a DVD title?

No, you do not underline a DVD title. It is typically formatted in italics or bold to indicate it is a title.

When writing the title of TV show do you put it in quotes?

There are a number of ways to designate a title for a book, movie, TV show, poem, etc. They are to put the name between quote marks, to italicize or bold, or to underline the title. Whichever you use, be sure to capitalize the first letters of each word in a title. But if your teacher insists that there is only one proper way, do it that way.

How do you write explanatory paragraghs?

there are many ways to write explanatory paragraphbut i believe the best way is to use the 6 step proses. for example if your are writing about a quote. 1.before you start writing read the quote 2 times 2.the first paragraph is the opining which should have a hook sentence followed by a topic sentence.3.the second paragraph should be what you believe the authors intent of the quote .should start with a transition word and follow by a topic sentence. 4.the third paragraph should be your interpretation should start with a transition word followed by a topic sentence. 5.the forth paragraph should have a life experience in it should start with a transition and followed by a topic sentence. 6.the last paragraph should state what you have learned from the waseem

Which element indicates that a paragraph of text is a quote from another source?

Quotation marks are used to indicate that a paragraph of text is a direct quote from another source.

Should you make a new paragraph when there are quotations?

I'm not sure what you mean by "quotes," but here are two possible answers. # You do not need to put your paragraph inside quotation marks unless it is not your paragraph. If you have copied a paragraph that someone else wrote, then you do put quotes around it, and also tell who wrote it. # If you would like to end your paragraph with a short quote by someone else, you certainly can do that. If you have found a quote that exactly sums up what you wanted to say, you can conclude by writing "X said, 'Y,'" or "As X said, 'Y'" - X would be the name of the author and Y would be whatever they said. As Heather Armstrong said, "Keep writing."

When using parenthetical citations for a source would you put the citation right after the quote or at the end of the paragraph?

Right after the quote.

Did alex Haley have kids?

According to Roots: The Next Generation (MOVIE), he did. With his wife, who had left because his main concern was work, and writing. (do not quote me on this)