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  • Manchester Old Trafford Stadium on Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th April
  • Glasgow SECC on Saturday 17th April
  • Cardiff City Stadium on Wednesday 21st April
  • Birmingham NEC on Saturday 24th April
  • London Excel on Saturday 1st or Sunday 2nd May
  • Dublin Croke Park Stadium on Saturday 15th May

See the related link below for information on how to apply (including application form)

If you send an application, you will hear by post if you are successful.

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Open call auditions took place on the following dates:


  • 3rd March - Liverpool Open Day - Echo Arena
  • 4th March - Liverpool Call Backs - Echo Arena


  • 10th March - Newcastle Open Day - Metro Arena


  • 17th March - Manchester Open Day - Man Utd (Tbc)
  • 18th March - Manchester Call Backs - Man Utd


  • 26th March - Cardiff Open Day - Cardiff City Stadium
  • 27th March - Cardiff Call Backs - Cardiff City Stadium


  • 31st March - Glasgow Open Day - SECC
  • 1st April - Glasgow Call Backs - SECC


  • 7th April - London Open Day - The 02
  • 11th, 12th, 13th April - London Call Backs - Emirates

Online auditions could be made through the official The X Factor Facebook page until May 8th.

Mobile Auditions took place at the following locations and dates:

  • Plymouth - Wednesday, 25th April
  • Aberystwyth - Thursday, 26th April
  • Bangor - Friday, 27th April
  • Dublin - Saturday, 28th April and Sunday, 29th April
  • Blackpool - Monday, 30th April
  • Carlisle - Tuesday, 1st May
  • Edinburgh - Wednesday, 2nd May
  • Inverness - Thursday, 2rd May
  • Aberdeen - Friday, 4th May
  • Dundee - Saturday, 5th May
  • Middlesbrough - Sunday, 6th May
  • Wakefield - Monday, 7th April
  • Derby - Tuesday, 8th May
  • Norwich - Wednesday, 9th May
  • Colchester - Thursday, 10th May
  • Southend - Friday, 11th May
  • Chatham - Saturday, 12th May
  • Brighton - Sunday, 13th May

Live Auditions with the judges are taking place on the following dates:

  • Liverpool - May 23rd
  • London - May 28th, May 29th, May 30th
  • Manchester - June 5th, June 6th, June 7th
  • Glasgow - June 11th
  • Newcastle - June 18th
  • Cardiff - June 25th
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nobody knows yet we need to get through this years x factor to conjure the facts on where to go the next time


this is true there is no information for next year until probably around february or march 2014, that is usually the date the x factor says when and where the auditions will be each year around february or march time.

and as usual to be able to apply for x factor each year it is the same in each country in that the auditions forms for the next year are released online near the end of the current series live finals.

so for example, the x factor uk and the x factor usa the audition form will probably be released online around the time of this years semi finals.

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02 Arena :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx good luck :)

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Fountain Studios, Wembley, London.

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Cardiff City Stadium.

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Q: Where are x factor live shows held?
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