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Q: Where can you find parts for a j Stevens arms co model 82 springfield rifle?
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What is the age of a Stevens single shot 22 caliber Model 52B?

The Stevens model 52b dates to the mod-1930s. Stevens is the same company as Savage, and also sold rifles under the name Springfield (not to be confused with the Springfield Armory military rifle maker) and shotguns under the name Fox. The model 52b was also sold by Montgomery Ward under the Wards house brand "Western Field" as a model 36. To confuse matters, Wards also sold the Mossberg model 10 (very similar to the 52b) as a Western Fields model 36.

What is a Stevens lever action 44-shot worth?

Would have to identify exactly which model Stevens rifle you have. Need ALL of the markings. And, condition is everything, so digital pictures would help.

J Stevens arms company 22 long rifle model c 984 can you tell you when this gun was produced?

I can't find this model number, but if marked with that version of the company name, it was made between 1920 and 1948.

What is the sniper rifle used in saving private Ryan?

i think its an m-1 grand Incorrect. A scope could not be mounted on the M-1 Garand. It was a bolt-action Model 1903 Springfield. PFC Jackson fired the gun left handed, which required him to reach over the rifle to operate the bolt after each shot. It was not The Model 1903 Springfield. It was an M 1903A4 - An accurized and scoped version of the M 1903A3. While they are similar - they are not the same rifle. Furthermore, the M1C - a scoped version of the M1 Garand - was put into service by the Army in June of 1944.

What type of Kraig was used by the American sniper in the movie Saving Private Ryan. That rifle had a scope on it. Is it possible to know that rifle type and scope?

The rifle shown is a Springfield M1903. It is chamberd in .30-06(7.62x63).

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Where can you find parts for a springfield model 53-b bolt action rifle manufactured by j Stevens arms co model 53-b 22 caliber rifle manufactured by Stevens arms co b?

Try - they have the best selection of gun parts in the country.

How old is your springfield Stevens 22 rifle model 84c?

The stevens model 84C was produced from 1936-1945 in the amount of 99,500 guns.

What is the difference between a Springfield model 7 22 rifle and a Stevens Model 7 22 rifle?

Mostly the name stamped on the side. Springfield was the economy version of the Stevens line, and Stevens was the economy version of Savage, so they may have a bit less care in the fit and finish or even used cheaper wood, but the parts should be 100% interchangeable.

Where can you find parts for a springfield model 53 b bolt action rifle manufactured by j Stevens arms co model 53 b 22 caliber rifle manufactured by Stevens arms co b?

I would look to Numrich gun parts corp.they may be found on the web.

J Stevens springfield model 88 rifle how old?

Only made from 1969-1972.

What is the age and value of a Springfield model 83 22 rifle manufactured by Stevens Arms C ompany?

The Stevens "Springfield" Model 83 was manufactured from 1935 to 1939. Value is between $40 to $75.

Who made the Springfield model 84 bolt-action .22 rifle?

The Springfield Model 84 was made by J. Stevens Arms Company, Chicopee, Mass.

Where can you get parts for Stevens rifle model 987?


Can you get info on a model?

I have a Springfield model 87a. 22 short an long rifle automatic. It was made by j. Stevens firearm co in Chicopee falls mass USA. Can I get a parts catalog for it an when was it made

Where can you find parts for a springfield model 84c- 22 cal rifle?


Where can you find parts for a Stevens 86D 22 cal rifle?

We have parts for that model.

Will a Springfield Model 83 Bolt Action 22 Cal J Stevens fire long rifle catridges?

My Springfield model 83 ( J Stevens) is stamped 22 Short, Long and Long Rifle on Barrel. If yours is as well, then yes, it would fire LR rounds.

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