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Q: Where can you read Naruto chapter 500?
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Where can you read naruto chapter 531?

Use the link below.

Does Sakura tell Naruto she loves him?

Yeah she tells him she loves him in Naruto manga chapter 469. You can read it on

Where can you read Naruto manga chapter 460?

the ongoing chapter now is 608. you can read it anywhere if you just search it on google. but a good site is this:

In the Naruto Shippuden manga does Naruto fight in the 4th great ninja war that Madara Uchiha announces during the manga chapter of 468?

Yes, Naruto fights Madara in chapter 562 (, you can read manga chapters on

Where are naruto comic books on the internet? has all the manga for naruto up to the latest chapter, and updates every Friday with the new chapter. I read them at that updates on Thursday at the evening or so

What chapter of Naruto does Naruto and hinita kiss?

Never was a chapter with that.

Why is there no Naruto manga chapter 533?

there is a naruto manga chapter 533 it only came out 2 wks ago check it out by puttin it into google search and it will give ya the list of site you can read it on its on 535 now

Is Minato Namizake Naruto's father?

Minoto is Naruto's father 'cause if you go to the website go to chapter 440 of naruto and it will explain(Minoto will tell Naruto and if you read it you will know(He will also say why he seal the nine tails in naruto)

Dose saskue kill naruto?

Nope, not yet atleast. If you read manga there is a new Naruto chapter updated weekly at, you can find out what else happens there :)

In what chapter does Naruto find out about his father?

Naruto finds out that the 4th Hokage is his father in chapter 440.

What day of the week do new Naruto manga chapters come out?

At, you can read Naruto Shippuden manga every Wednesday. They also tell you when the next chapter will come out.