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It sailed from the coast of Ireland, headed for America.

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Q: Where did the Titanic sale from?
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Is genuine titanic wood for sale?


Are there any titanic artifacts for sale?


What day and year did Titanic sale?

The Titanic sunk at about 2:15 am on the 15th of April, 1912

When did Titanic tickets go on sale?

february 1912

Where can you get tickets to sale on the Titanic?

The Titanic is on the bottom of the ocean. So all you really need is to hold your breath and you're on!

When did the titanic sale to New York?

3 days before the crash

What day and tme did titanic set sale?

i do not know the time but the date is 1912 i think

How much do titanic deck plans cost?

Titanic deck plans for sale at a reasonable price between 100 to 450. But sometimes lower. It all depends on who are selling them or in how well condition there in.

When did titanic sale date and time?

Christmas day

When did the titanic set sale?

the titanic set sail out of a large town in Europe heading toward a place in the artic ocean hit an iceburg and sank on MY birthday except back in 1912. this story is lovingly held and has been carried on for many generations

Is there any ruins of the Titanic left in the ocean?

There are reproductions of period-newspapers on sale at Titanic Museums but a few original newspapers are in the hands of private collectors like Christie Seyglinski.

Where can one buy a CD of the Titanic soundtrack?

There are many online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores that offer the Titanic soundtrack for sale. Walmart is one of those retailers, as well as eBay and Amazon. One can also listen to the different tracks on YouTube for free.