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some where

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Q: Where is Galactic Grunt in the Marsh in Pokemon Pearl?
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Can you become a Galactic Grunt in Pokemon pearl?


Where is galactic grunt in the great marsh in Pokemon pearl?

I DONT KNOW! im getting really frustrated because of it, so i need help!

Where is the galactic grunt on Pokemon Pearl?

Well, there are quite alot of Galactic Grunts throughout the game. Where/what part are you on?

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl team galactic warehouse?

The Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City has it. You need to bet the Gym to get it.

What you do in celestic town in Pokemon Pearl?

defeat the galactic grunt and give the mail to the Pokemon champions mother

Where is the fifth gym leaden on Pokemon pearl?

The 5th Gym Leader in Pearl is Fantina, she's in Hearthome City however make sure you've taken care of the Team Galactic Grunt who was by the Great Marsh Safari Zone entrance.

In Pokemon pearl for ds how do you get past the pyducks?

you get secret potion from Cynthia after you chase galactic grunt in pastoria city

How do you get pass the Galactic Grunt that says Don't pay attention to the lonely grunt with no Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

beat the elite four and get the national pokedex from professor rowan. go back to mt. cornet and he'll be gone

Where can you get surf on Pokemon pearl?

Defeat the Galactic Grunt guarding the entrance to the ruin in Celestic Town and Cynthia's grandmother will give you the HM03 Surf.

How do you get hm surf on pokemon pearl?

In Celestic Town from Cynthia's grandmother inside the ruins after defeating the Galactic Grunt and giving her the Old Charm.

Where is cynthias grandmother in pokemon pearl?

She is in Celestic town. Fight the Galactic Grunt protecting the ruins in Celestic Town and Cynthia's grandmother will appear.

Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon Pearl?

You may not join Team Galactic in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond.