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Q: Where is this scene from A person (maybe cartoon character) tries to cross a road which looks empty for miles but as soon as he steps on it hundreds of cars zoom by. Where is this from?
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How does a blind person cross the steert?

With help

Old kids TV show with a lion?

There were two, but one was actually a movie. Clarence, the Cross-eyed Lion was the movie- later giving rise to (Daktari)- Ung Ung). The idea of alliterative titles about handicapped animals- not a good one, but a popular one. The other- wait a minute there were two- Linus the Lion Hearted- a cartoon with the title character the Lion King of the jungle ( I am not sure what cartoon house put out Linus- but it was not Disney- do not confuse with Peanuts character Linus- of security blanket fame.- the other was the King and Odie. Odie was a skunk who was sort of a court diplomat.- the latter show was also called King Leonardo and his short subjects ( pun intended) both were cartoons.

Which Star Wars character is an amalgamation of the Green Cross Code Man and the voice of the Lion King?

Darth Vader

Does anyone know the name of an old animated cartoon character who was a small brown dog that wore glasses?

One does not recall color schemes, but the character you mention was almost certainly a bespectacled canine ( the only character of this type I can think of- though handicapped animals- such as Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion, and some others- stretching things, even Rudolph were popular comedy characters. Mr. Peabody was known for the catch phrase- usually an understatement to bizarre occurences like, say UFO:s- It"s Possible, It"s Poss- Sible ( accented two sylabbles) The character was intelligent and it was not making fun of the visually impaired. PS I"ve worn specs since l964 so have some sensitivity on this subject.

What is the name of the main canoe canine character in Jack London call of the wild?

Buck... Cross bread of a Scottish Collie and St. Bernard.

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Toonami is a cross between the words cartoon and tsunami, which might mean a tidal wave of cartoons.

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"Hot Cross Bunny", my friend.

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