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Yes, David was king when he wrote Psalms 86. David of ancient Israel had committed a serious sin, he was repentant and confidently prayed to God.

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Q: Where was David when he wrote Psalm 139?
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Why and when did David write Psalm 37?

Psalm 37 is a Psalm that highlights the peace and rest available to one who places their trust in God compared to those who choose to go against righteousness. They choose the way which leads to destruction. God's people can call upon Him, but the wicked have no such refuge.

What is unusual about the psalmist's approach to the praise of God in Psalm 8 by King David?

In Psalm 8, King David speaks of two opposites. One the one hand, mankind is as nothing compared to the imposing grandeur of the universe above, yet at the same time, God has placed us humans above all. See the Malbim commentary for a much deeper discussion.See also:Who wrote this PsalmMore about King David

Why did King David write the Book of Psalms?

A:Tradition attributes many of the Psalms to King David, although biblical scholars say he was quite unlikely to have contributed to any of the Psalms. In any case, Psalm 100 is not one of the Psalms said to have been written by David.Jewish answer:Jewish tradition is that all of the unnamed Psalms were authored by King David. Even Psalms with other authors are attributed to him, since he incorporated them into the canon of prayers and praises; otherwise they would likely have been lost.Psalms 100 is a Psalm of praise, which is what King David had in mind as its purpose. It was to be recited when ascending to the Holy Temple.

Who appeared before david after he sinned with bathsheba?

Psalm 103 is traditionally attributed to David, but it does not mention Bathsheba or suggest that relationship. It is a psalm of joyous praise. Scholars say that the psalms are a genre that did not exist at the time of David, and that they were really written many centuries later, during and after the Babylonian Exile. On this evidence, David did not really write Psalm 103.

King david was at what age when he wrote his 78 psalms?

King David was well in age when he wrote psalm78.