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Prehistoric caves are found in and around the Dordogne department in south-western France.

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Q: Which cave is found in the northernmost section of France?
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Where was the first cave paintings found?


What year were stone age cave paintings found in France?

Stone age cave paintings were found in France in the year 1940.

Where is ember cave and icefall cave?

icefall cave is on 4 island and ember cave is on mt ember, northernmost of 1 island.

Where were cave paintings found?

The well known cave paintings are in Lascaux, France.

What is the cave in southern France discovered in 1994 that contains three hundred paintings of animals?

The cave found in France in 1994 that was considered a great archeological find was the Chauvet Cave. Inside the cave, there were many paintings found of different animals that may be over 30 thousand years old.

How long ago were cave art in existence and in which part of the world is most cave art found?

Cave art exsisted back in the gave men days and can be found in a couple of places such as France

What are the famous cave paintings?

Australian Aborigines still produce cave paintings.

Where were the cave painting of cro-magnon found?

Cave paintings of Cro-Magnon have been found in various locations across Europe, with notable examples in France and Spain. Some famous sites include Lascaux and Chauvet in France, and Altamira in Spain. These paintings provide valuable insights into the art and culture of Cro-Magnon people.

Where were most cave paintings found?

The most famous and well-preserved are in France. The Caves of Lascaux.

The cave of Lascaux is located in which country?

The cave of Lascaux is located in France.

Cave drawings were found in what 2 countries?

Cave drawings have been found in many countries around the world, but two well-known locations are Lascaux in France and Altamira in Spain. These caves contain prehistoric art that date back thousands of years.

Where is loreli in icefall cave?

Lorelai can be found in the inner section of the Icefall Cave after getting past the waterfall with the HM move Waterfall. She will return to her house in Four Island after this encounter.