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Q: Which person or organization has the most discretion with how the law is applied or interpreted on the scene?
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Is it right to say' at your discretion'?

The phrase 'at the discretion of' is grammatically correct. It means that a particular person has the authority to make a decision.

Can a police shoot any person fleeing after committing a crime?

Police officers could use deadly force to prevent a suspected felon even when a person represented no immediate threat, but police have to use discretion to evaluate situations. But after the 1985 Supreme Court case Tennessee vs. Garner specified conditions were applied to which deadly forced could be applied.

Can one person be an organization?

It would be pretentious for a single person to consider him or herself to be an organization, however, one person can be the beginning of an organization if that person recruits other people into the organization.

What is unauthorized practice of Law?

When a person does something on behalf of another person that has an involvement of legal discretion or making a decision about legal matters, that is the practice of law. It is considered unauthorized practice of law for a person to exercise legal discretion on behalf of another person, or practice law for another person, when they are not legally authorized to do so.

What is the word that describes a person that starts an organization?

A person who starts an organization is called its founder.

What is the definition of applied force?

An applied force is a force that is applied to an object by a person or another object. It is a push or pull that one object exerts on another in a specific direction. Applied force can cause an object to move, change speed, or change direction.

What are closed and open models of organization?

Close model organization is an organization one person rule.whil open model organization is open to the public and more then one person rule.

Who is the person who analyzes the organization of civilization and societies?

An anthropologist analyzes the organization of civilizations and societies.

The applied force?

is a force that is applied to an object by a person or another object.

Who is the founder of locks of love?

The founder of Locks of Love is not a single person, but an organization. The organization was a wig making corporation. The person in charge of the organization was Madonna Coffman.

What is human behavior organization?

it is the study of people characteristic of a person in an organization.

What happens when you report someone on Facebook?

The reported person could be banned. It's site's discretion based on the offense.