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It all depends on the horse, and how he's been trained. Some QH's are better with the English saddle, others better with the Western saddle. Most QH's are trained to accept the Western saddle, though many other horses have been trained to accept both or either or. So it ultimately depends on both the horse, the rider and the trainer.

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western, definitely.

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Q: Which riding would be better for a mule English or western?
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Which riding would be better for a pony English or western?

Western. I've been riding quite a bit and i think English on ponies is for people more advanced in riding. Then for new comers.

Is western or English riding more advanced?

Both are very advanced, but in different ways.--------------ANSWER:Both are advanced, but the more advanced they are deppends on what type of riding you are doing like for western the main riding styles are: Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing,Trail riding is done mostly in western style, Herding, and reining would be the most popular for western. For English the main riding styles are: English Pleasure, Dressage, Jumping, Hunt Seat, Saddle seat, and Eventing.

What is the best thing to wear horse riding on a sunny day?

To some degree, this will depend upon the style of riding you are doing (English or Western), the ambient temperature and your own comfort. However, you would typically wear long pants (jeans for Western, jodhpurs or riding pants for English), appropriate closed-toe riding boots (cowboy-style for Western, riding boots for English) and a short or long sleeved shirt depending upon temperature.

What are the top 10 most popular horseback riding styles?

There are two basic styles of competition riding : "English" and Western riding.There are three main events that "English" riders can compete in :DressageShowjumpingCross Country (combined as part of Eventing in the Olympics)

What types of horse back riding are there?

So many that it would be hard to name them all. Lets break it down by the 2 main catagories. Western riding can include-Cutting, reining, gymkana, western pleasure and equitation, trail riding to name just a few. English riders have plenty to choose from-Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, English Pleasure and equitation. Some people do some of both.

What is the most popular riding style?

Western I would say

Which technique is best for riding horses western or English?

That would very much depend on what you are trying to do. Western has shows and sports that you would have issues doing in an English saddle. I would hate to try jumping on a regular basis on a Western I prefer Austrailian saddles when trail riding. If you are a typical young girl, go English. The bulk of girls seem to end up hunter jumpers near us. Boys tend to enjoy reining and penning, so I would suggest Western. There is no set rules here, just that is what seems to be the norms. Remember, Australian saddles for trail riding though! (my opinion) Once you try one on a trail, you will be hooked and never use the others again.

How do you switch from riding horses English to riding Western?

Well it won't be as hard to switch to western riding as it would be to switch to english riding. I do both and you'll basically just have to adjust to a more dressage like posture in the saddle, keeping a lose rein, typically using just one hand, and even using more visible type cues. English riders tend to be more smooth in their movements while western riders tend to be quite visible when cueing. Also the saddle will give you a little more balance as it's not as hard to sit on a western saddle, but they tend to 'bounce' the rider around a bit also. Also be ready for a western horses show gaits as they will feel odd at first.

Your horse is not very confident jumping will spurs encourage him to jump?

This is in my opinion: no, I would use a crop instead of spurs, are you riding English or western? please continue the discussion.

Which is more popular- western or English riding?

The main difference is the saddle. English saddle is generally a lot lighter and has no horn. Western saddle is heavier and does have a horn. You can also walk, trot, canter, and gallop on both. Another main difference is the way you sit on it. English you have to use pressure everywhere, so it's not as comfortable for the horse. Western saddles are much more deep and much more comfortable. And Western riding is a LOT faster...TRUST ME. :D Hope this helps!

Is it OK to wear English riding boots to a Western rodeo?

If you're not competing, do not wear rodeo attire. So yes, English boots would be appropriate. If you dressed up like a cowboy it would be like wearing a football uniform to a football game that you're just watching.

Is English or western saddles harder to ride in?

As a long time rider of both disciplines, I would have to say that English saddles are harder to ride in. English saddles require more balance in the stirrups and more is expected of the rider when riding this discipline. Western saddles seem to have a much deeper seat; they also have a more laid back style of riding, where there is less requirement of the rider to focus on how one sits in the saddle. There is also something to hold onto; the horn, which is not present on an English saddle.