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he rapid growth of cities

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Q: Which trend caused Progressives to work for urban reform in the late 19th centurey?
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Which trend caused progressives to work for the urban reforms in the late 19th century?

The rapid growth of cities.

Which trend caused progressive to work for urban reform in the 19th century?

The rapid growth of cities.

When was National Reform Trend created?

National Reform Trend was created in 2008-05.

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Rural-to urban migration

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What caused the trend towards city life in the 1800s?

The trend toward city life, or urbanization, was caused by industrialization. Many families left their farms to work in factories in the cities.

Most Progressives were associated with the Democratic Party?

This is a hard one to answer since the term "progressive" can mean many things. In the modern era (20th century forward) the majority of liberal or radical politicians were Democrats. While it's not true that all Democrats are liberal or radical, it is a general trend of Democrats to look forward and toward change while it is a general trend of the Republicans to look backward and toward tradition. Since the notion of "progressive" is rooting the the concept of "progress" (improvement by moving forward and changing) it is logical to assume that most progressives are associated with the Democrats.

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on alternative and complementary therapies This trend has caused?

This has caused an entire industry of charlatans and fakes. The name for alternative therapy and medicine that works is simply...therapy and medicine.

The colonial trend of having local governments that were increasingly independent from British control was most likely caused by?

the practical necessity of having to care for their daily needs.

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what is healthcare trend

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The trend for first ionization energy

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The major economic trend of the 1920s that helped caused the Great Depression was likely the unequal distribution of wealth. Another factor was over speculation in the stock market.