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Any television you buy new will come with a digital tuner.It's now required by the FCC.If you buy a second hand tv it probably won't have one,but if you have cable you're okay.

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2009-10-07 13:21:27
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Q: Which tv has a built in digital tuner?
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Does the tv have a built in digital tuner?

High Definition TV Tuner Built-In for over the air,Satelitte direct tv tuner added on for Digital.

Does this TV have the new input for digital cable?

It does have a digital tuner built in. This LCD TV has a built in digital tuner,so you can receive all digital broadcast.

Can I receive digital tv without cable service or a converter box?

Yes it's called Broadcast Digital Television. Does the TV have a built in digital tuner? A Digital Tuner receives Digital Broadcast Television. The menu will show if the TV has a built in Broadcast Digital TV tuner.

How do you know a tv is digital?

If it has a built-n digital (ATSC) tuner.

How do you find out if your Apex television has a built-in ATSC tuner?

If it can tune in digital TV signals, then it has an ATSC tuner. If not, nope.

Is Durabrand DU1901 digital?

If a television has a built in broadcast television digital tuner it will be in the menu set up.

When everything goes digital, how will I know if my television will work?

All televisions sold after March 1, 2007 include a digital tuner (by law) so you are good if you have bought a TV since then. If your television is labeled as �Integrated Digital Tuner,� �Digital Tuner Built-In,� �Digital Receiver,� �Digital Tuner,� �DTV,� �ATSC,� or �HDTV� then it has a built in device that will be fine after Feb. 17, 2009. If your television set is labeled as a �Digital Monitor� or �HDTV Monitor,� or as �Digital Ready� or �HDTV Ready,� this does not mean it actually contains a digital tuner. All this means is this TV is capable of handling the converter box. Thus, you still will likely need a separate set-top box which contains a digital tuner in order to view over-the-air digital programming.

Digital tv do you need a set top box?

If your TV does not not have a built in Digital TV Tuner then yes you do need a Converter Box.

Who makes a VCR with a built in Digital TV tuner?

It would be illegal to sell a VCR without a digital tuner now.So if you buy a VCR with a tuner it should be digital.If it's not you should take it back.

Will your digital tuner play the channels you had to have a digital cable box for?

No if you have a built-in digital tuner insisde your living room TV set, you will only receive the local CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX affiliate digital television stations.

Does the sony trinitron wega kv-27fs13 have a built-in digital tuner?

No. It does not. As a rule, most every CRT television (tube TV) will only have an analog tuner.

Which LCD has a built in digital tuner?

Vizio VA19L has a digital tuner in it.

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