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Nicollette Sheridan

Eva Longoria

Felicity Huffman

Marcia Cross

Teri Hatcher

Dana Delaney

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The cast of Desperate Housewives - 2011 includes: Paula Vanessa as Uknown

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Q: Who are the actress star in ABC's 'desperate housewives'?
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Which actress does not star in desperate housewives?

Many, many actresses do not star in Desperate Houswives

What ''desperate housewives'' star did NBA star Tony Parker marry?

Tony Parker married "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria who played the character of Gabrielle Soliz.

Is Eva Longoria a star in abc's desperate housewives?

Yes she plays Gabrielle Solis in the hit show Desperate housewives :)

What desperate housewives star played Isabella Braa?

Eva Longoria.

Which desperate housewives star has played Lois lane?

Teri Hatcher.

What desperate housewives star played Isabella braa on young and the restless?

Eva Longoria.

What Desperate Housewives star has Tony Parker been romantically linked to?

eva longoria

What Desperate Housewives star was Isabella on Y and R?

Eva Longoria was Isabella on Y & R

What tv show does Demi Lovato's sister star in?

well she's definitely not the star, but Demi's little sister is on Desperate Housewives.

Who is famous that has the first name Dana?

* Dana Delany (actress starring in TV's "China Beach" and "Desperate Housewives" * Dana Plato (deceased child star of "Diff'rent Strokes") * Dana Carvey (former SNL star and star of "Wayne's World") * Dana Gould (comedian and writer on "The Simpsons")

Will desperate housewives season 7 be shown on star world in India?

Yes,it has started airing from April 2 will air every Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm on star world.

Did Terri Hatcher and Michael Bolton date?

Actress Teri Hatcher and crooner Michael Bolton did date at one time during the 1990's. They met when Teri appeared in Boltons music video "Missing You Now." He also dated Hatchers co-star on Desperate Housewives, Nicolette Sheridan.