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The charactesrs are Dicey, James, Sammy, and Maybeth Tillerman. Those are the main characters.

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Q: Who are the characters in the novel Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt?
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Does anyone read homecoming book by Cynthia voigt if somebody did can you tell me the setting conflict resolution reflection?

Yes, I read it. The setting is in the 1970s-1980s, in many different parts of the eastern USA. But mostly in: Peewauket; CT, Rockland State Park; CT, and Crisfield; MD. The conflict of this novel is that Dicey and her younger siblings have been abandoned by their mother at a mall, and now are struggling to find a place to call home. The resolution to this conflict is at the very end of the book, the Tillermans live with their Gram, Abigail Tillerman. They all go to school, and the children still help to fix up the farm. The reflection? You should probably do that one on your own, but my reflection on the novel was that It was a very heartwarming story of children just trying to fit in. And that I loved the book, and the storyline.

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