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Sir Edward I think because I read an articale saying that it is very similliar to the crown of Sir Edward; England


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Q: Who does the crown at the top of the Canadian coat of arms represent?
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How does the Canadian Coat of Arms represent Canada?

i remember

What does the top crown in Canada's coat of arms mean?

The crown represents Canada's status as a constitutional monarchy. It is a rendition of St. Edward's Crown, used in Canadian coronations.

What does the beaver represent on the coat of arms?

it represents Canada it is a Canadian symbol it was very popular for their pelts which was made into fur hats

Why does a lion represent England?

The lion is there coat of arms. Like the eagle is are coat of arms.

What does the snail mean on a coat of arms?

Snails represent deliberation and perseverance on Coat of Arms

Did Christian Corbet receive a Grant of a Coat of Arms from the Canadian Crown?

Yes as granted by the Canadian Heralic Authority and presented to Corbet at HMCS Bytown, Ottawa in October 2012.

Is there a unicorn on the Canadian coat of arms?

yes yes there is There is a lion and a unicorn on the Canadian coat of arms. The lion represents the English, the Unicorn the French.

Why is the British flag part of the Canadian coat of arms?

The British flag is in the Canadian Coat of Arms because the Canada was formed from British colonies.

What does Morocco's coat of arms represent?

The inscription at the bottom says "If you assist God he will assist you"- which is from the Quran. The mountains are the Atlas Mountains and the crown represents the king.

Did Canadian artist Christian Corbet receive a Grant of a Coat of Arms from the Canadian Crown?

Yes! Sculptor Christian Cardell Corbet was formally presented a Grant of Armourial Bearings to include a Coat of Arms and Badge in October 2012. He was presented the document and Letters Patents by the Chief Herald of Canada at HMCS Bytown - Royal Canadian Navy, Ottawa.

What do flames represent on Dublin's coat of arms?

They do not represent anything in themselves as such. The coat of arms features three castles on fire. It is meant to represent the resilience of Dublin to whatever difficulties it has to face.

What does the coat of arms on the Croatian flag represent?

The coat of arms represents the five regions of Croatia on it's flag.