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The "Ben 10" character Gwen Tennyson has been played by Meagan Smith - Ben 10 (10 years old) , Haley Ramm - Ben 10: Race Against Time , Ashley Johnson - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (15 and 16 years old) , Tara Strong - Ben 10 (30 and 42 year old in "Ben 10,000" and "Ken 10") and

Galadriel Stineman - Ben 10: Alien Swarm .

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Ashley Johnson

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Ashley Jonson I think.

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Q: Who is Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10 alien swarm?
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Who plays ben tennyson in Ben 10 alien swarm?

Ryan kelly plays ben tennyson

What alien race is Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10?

Gwen Tennyson, like her cousin Ben, is a human/Anodite hybrid.

Who plays Gwen in Ben 10 Alien Force?

the voice of Gwen Tennyson is Ashely Johnson

Where does Kevin Levin live in the cartoon Ben 10 Alien Force?

They don't say but they might make a new season after the movie Ben 10 Alien Swarm and probily tell about his family or secrets. EX. He likes Gwen Tennyson

Who is the person that plays Gwen in Ben 10 alien swarm?

Galadriel Stineman .

Who played in Ben 10 Alien Force?

the voice of Gwen Tennyson is Ashely Johnson

What are the people's real names from the live action movie ben 10 alien swarm?

Ben tenyson is Ryan Kelley,Gwen Tennyson is Galadriel Stineman,Kevin E.Levin is Nathan Keyes and Elena Validus is Alyssa Diaz

What are the codes to ben 10 alien swarm Cartoon Network?

Bigchill Tennyson Swarm Alienswarm Elena Grandpamax Motorbike Defeat Manna Protect

BEN 10 Gwen tennyson's birthday?

In ben 10 which day in december that's gwen tennyson's birthday

Can you name me Ben Tennyson's Grandpa and cousin?

Ben's cousin is Gwen Tennyson and Ben's Grandpa is Max Tennyson.

What are all the characters in Ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction DS?

There are 22 different character in the game Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction on the DS. Some of the names include Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Jimmy Jones.

What is the name of ben Tennyson's female cousin?

Gwen Tennyson