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He doesn't "love" anyone but he is close friends with Momo Hinamori and Rangiku Matsumoto.

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He loves Rangiku and Momo but as friends

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Q: Who is Hitsugaya love in anime bleach?
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Does Rangiku love Hitsugaya?

Rangiku and Hitsugaya share a close bond as mentor and student in the anime "Bleach." While there are hints of deeper feelings from Rangiku towards Hitsugaya, their relationship is primarily depicted as one of mutual respect and camaraderie. The exact nature of Rangiku's feelings for Hitsugaya is left open to interpretation by viewers.

In the anime Bleach what is toshiro hitsugaya's grandma's name?

The creator so far has never mentioned her name

Hitsugaya love karin?

They are not couple! Hitsugaya does not anybody! The one of anime episode in which they teamed up for a game of a soccer. That's of all!

When is toshiro hitsugaya's birthday?

Tōshirō Hitsugaya from the manga and anime Bleach appears in over 10 episodes and manga chapters. The Bleach Wikia character profile page lists each of Tōshirō appearances.

Is hitsugaya cute?

YES! Hitsugaya is the cutest anime character ever!

Bleach anime Does uryu isheda love his father and or vice versa?

In the Bleach Anime, Uryuu Ishida does love his father and vice versa.

Who does toshiro hitsugaya love?

Tōshirō Hitsugaya is not in love with anybody!

WhaTS the name of capten 10 in the anime bleach?

He is about 120 years old and he looks like a 12 year old

Who is Captain hitsugaya's lutennte in bleach?

Rangiku Matsumoto

Does Momo kiss Hitsugaya?

No, they never kiss in the manga or the anime.

When do you find out about captain hitsugaya's past in bleach?

movie 2

How old is hitsugaya from bleach?

he is 110 in shinigami and 11 in human