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Misty, because Sakura just sucks. At life. Sakura, Sakura can kill misty Neither. They both suck leaky butthole.

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Q: Who is better Sakura or Misty?
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Who is better may misty or dawn?

Misty. She was a way better Pokemon trainer

Who does Naruto like better Sakura or Hinata?


Who is sexier hinata or sakura?


Is Ino pretty?

Yes very and strong too she is way better than sakura ino is just like sakura but with better stuff

I think ash and misty are a better couple dont you?

it depends if people like misty may or dawn

Who is better Misty May or Dawn Pokemon?

The answer, of course, is a matter of personal preference. But, in my opinion, Misty is the best.

Who do you like better sakura or Ino?

Well, to be honest, Ino is pretty ans Sakura's just..... >.x lol. But I think that Sakura's stonger tha her.Saku-chan changed a bit, so yeahhhhh,...but i still like Ino better lol xD *********************************************** I like Sakura better, because she is stronger and more beautiful (in my eyes). She has a better personality too ***********************************************

Who would be better for naruto sakura or Hinata i think it should be sakura i think naruto would get bored with Hinata but Hinata is cool but I like sakura much better?

Sakura all the way. You have a point naruto would get bored with hinata. Hope you like my opinion

Does Sasuke prefer Sakura or Karin better?

of course, sakura will win and of course she is better than karin because karin only knows how to pose when she is taking a pictorial

Why does sasuke like sakura better than Ino?

Most likely because he and Sakura share a deeper bond than he does with Ino. Sakura has always been by his side, and has had an undying love for him.

Why doesn't Naruto give up Sakura and start liking Hinata?

Sakura is better looking In my opinion, Hinata is sooooooooooo cute!

Is ash a better trainer than misty?

This question is an opinion of what the trainers are like. If someone likes water type Pokemon then the trainer they like could be Misty, but if someone watches the show with Ash as the main character, they may choose him because they know him better than they know misty. If I were to choose a trainer I would choose Ash because he has beaten Misty to get the badge from her too misty i don't even like her!ahs is awsome