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Coach Biest is the football coach. Coach Biest is played by Dot-Marie Jones

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Q: Who is coach biest on glee?
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Did beast on glee sing joey?

It's Coach Biest and yea she sings Jolene

Is coach biest from Glee a woman or a man?

Dot Jones is the name of the actor who portrays Coach Beiste. Dot is a female name, but the build and mannerisms of the actor suggests a man in drag or undergoing gender reorientation. Obviously the character is meant to challenge traditional attitudes or at the very least provoke audiences to keep watching Glee. In any case, the sexual orientation of the actor should become less controversial as the audience desensitizes.

Is coach bieste on glee gay?

No, Coach Bieste is not a lesbian.

How do you coach a glee club?

You don't really "coach" it. It's not a sport. Generally, music teachers are in charge of a school's glee club.

What is the cochs name for glee?

coach sue slyester and coach Bieste

What is the football Coach's name in Glee?

Dot-Marie Jones

Who dies in glee episode funeral?

Coach Sue's sister

Who sings poker face with Rachel on glee?

Idina Menzel or Shelby the Vocal Adrenaline's (competitive glee club) coach

What actors and actresses appeared in Biest - 2014?

The cast of Biest - 2014 includes: Marian Cencic as Biest Paul Hassler as Andi Stephanie Lexer as Lena

Who plays Coach Beiste in Glee?

Coach Shannon Beiste is played by actress Dot Jones.

Glee is the coach of vocal adrenaline really rachels mum?

no and yes

Is I Love Lucy's Mrs.Trudbull the same person as Coach Beiste on Glee?

Dorothy-Marie "Dot" Jones plays Coach Shannon Beiste on Glee while Mrs. Matilda Trumbull is played by Elizabeth Patterson.