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actually Gossip Girl is gossip boy. It turns out to be that Eric Van Der Woodsen is gossip girl! Shocked?

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gossip girl is indeed dan Humphrey!!!!! many people believed that it would be a girl but no

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Q: Who is gossip girl on the show gossip girl?
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Who or what is 'Gossip Girl'?

Gossip girl is a tv show and a book. In the tv show "Gossip Girl" is a blog that narrates and is voiced by Kristen Bell

Who is the gossip girl on the show?

*spoiler alert dan humphrey is gossip girl

What type of program is Gossip Girl?

Gossip Girl is a show on the CW network. Gossip Girl is a show that many young adults and teenagers enjoy. It is considered to be a drama about teenagers.

Is Gossip Girl a copy of The OC?

Gossip Girl was a book series, they turned into a show. The books are great and so is the show.

Who is 'Gossip Girl?

Chuck Bass Gossip Girl is definitely not chuck bass on the tv show but he could be it in the book Chuck bass is not gossip girl. It is never revealed who really is gossip girl but in the tv show she is voiced by Kristen bell.

What is the age restriction for the TV show Gossip Girl?

You are allowed to see GOSSIP GIRL at age 13.

From where can you download the complete series of Gossip Girl TV Show?

You can download your TV Show Gossip Girl from here . Its great site. You will also get latest promos of Gossip Girl from here.

Who is Gossip Girl in the show?

Gossip girls voice is done by Kristen Bell. The producers are deciding if they should let her be seen on gossip girl or not.

When is Gossip Girl season 6 on tg4?

I think they may show gossip girl in June (2013) on TG4

Is Gossip Girl for girls only?

No way, anyone can watch gossip girl it's a totally cool show.

Is Jenny Gossip Girl?

No Jenny is not Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is a nameless figure both in the book series and the tv show. Jenny in the book series leaves before the final books however she is not gossip girl

Was the show Gossip Girl on Nickelodeon?

No. The series appeared on the CW network, and is on Style Network in syndication, and on streaming services such as Netflix.

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