Who is older Tasha or Melanie?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: Who is older Tasha or Melanie?
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How did derwin find out about dr mchottie?

I feel like Tasha said something to her son and he spilled the beans to Derwin. Melanie only mentioned that pet name to Tasha and Kelly. Tasha always ran her mouth to Malik on a regular basis, and during this time Kelly was not on speaking terms with Jason because they were getting ready to go through a divorce. Tasha for sure told!

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Yes, he has two older sisters named Yioda and Melanie.

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Hi there...Melanie Panayiotou is George Michael's older sister...she is 3 years older and his other sister Yioda is 5 years older....George's birthname is Giorgios Kyriacos Panayiotou...his father is GreeK.

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In series 3 of The Saddle Club whose younger sister is Melanie?

Lisa is the older sis

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