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Bam Bam!

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Q: Who is pebbles Flinstones boyfriends name?
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What is the flinstones child name?


What is the baby girls name in the Flinstones?


What is Wilma Flinstones mothers name?

Her mother's name is Pearl Slaghoople .

Who is the mother of pebbles in flinstones?

Wilma Flintstone

Who is the little girl in the flinstones?


Who made fruity pebbles?

The Flinstones (JK) General Mills

What is the name of the kids in the flinstones?

Bip, Bop, Badey, and Flip-Flop. Version II

In the flinstones do pebbles and bam bam ever have a kid?

After they got married, they had twins - Chip and Roxy.

Is Fred Flinstones Middle name Joemachiakia?


Why was her name Wilma?

her parents loved the flinstones

What are facts about the Flinstones?

The Flinstones have a very interesting life in Bedrock. With a daughter named Pebbles- and a dinosaur named Dino. Fred Flinstone is married to Wilma Flinstone. They're neighbors Barney and Betty have the CUTEST baby named Bambam who carries a club, smashing everything in his path.

Who is Fred and Wilma's child on the Flintstones?

Their daughter's name is Pebbles Flintstone .