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It was drafted by Burbidge and Sedgwick JJ

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Q: Who is the creator of the Canadian criminal code?
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What year was the Canadian criminal code established?


When was the Canadian Criminal Code enacted?

In July of 1892. There are twenty-eight parts to the Canadian Criminal Code law. Each of the parts deals with different criminal activities such as terrorism, sexual misconduct, unlawful betting, and invasion of privacy.

What Kind of kidnapping that involves the victim being held in order to facilitate a robbery?

In Canada, this would be forcible confinement, liable to 10 years of imprisonment. (section 279(2) Canadian criminal code). Armed robbery is liable to imprisonment for life (section 344 Canadian Criminal code)

What has the author Sharon Nicklas written?

Sharon Nicklas has written: 'Submission to the Subcommittee on Justice and the Solicitor General on the proposed general part of the Canadian Criminal Code' -- subject(s): Sentences (Criminal procedure), Criminal procedure, Codification, Criminal law

What has the author Desmond Haldane Brown written?

Desmond Haldane Brown has written: 'The genesis of the Canadian Criminal Code of 1892' -- subject(s): Canada, Codification, Criminal law, History

Who has the right to appy for a Canadian passport?

A Canadian citizen with no criminal background.

Will the US border allow in Canadians out on bail?

No. Customs and Immigration will not allow entrance of Canadians with a Criminal Record. Therefore, a Canadian (released on bail) is subject to the same statute pertaining to the Criminal Code of Canada.

Is it illegal to deface coins in Canada?

Yes, it is illegal (as stated by the Currency Act and the Canadian Criminal Code). See 'related links' for more information.

What is the duration of The Criminal Code?

The duration of The Criminal Code is 1.62 hours.

Is criminal minds Canadian or American?


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Filipino people need a visa in order to visit Canada.

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The Canadian Postal Code code for the North Pole is: H0H 0H0 (seriously, it is)