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the president is pranav Mukherjee. the prime minister is narendra modi.

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Q: Who is the present President and Prime minister of India?
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What is the prime minister like in India?

like the President in US or the Prime Minister in UK or Canada President in India however is not as powerful as the Prime Minister

Who were the first prime minister and the president of India?

The first president of India was Rajendra Prasad and the first prime minister of India was Jawaharlal Nehru.

Who is a president and prime minister of India?

our president is Pranab Mukarjiour prime minister is Manmohan singh

Who is the present Commander in Chief of India?

Prime Minister: Manmohan Singh President: Prathiba Patil Vice President: Hameed Ansari

Who was the first President and Prime Minister of India?

Mrs.Pratibha devi singh patil Dr. Manmohan singh.

Who appoints Prime Minister in India?

President of India

Does president of India appoints prime minister of India?


Who is the authority of India after president and vice president?

Prime minister

Who is our chief minister in India?

there is no chief ministers for India. it is prime minister or president. chief minister is the ruler (not monarchy) of the states in India.

Who is chief of India?

President and Prime-minister both .

Chief minister of India?

There is no "Chief Minister of India"; there is a President and a Prime Minister at the top. Every state has a Chief Minister though.

Who is the head government of India?

In India, the Prime Minister is the Head of Government and the Chief of State is the President. The Prime Minister leads the executive branch of government.