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Dally joined the rumble in the book of outsiders

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Q: Who joined the rumble the last minute in the book The Outsiders?
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What happened at the Rumble in the outsiders book by S.E. Hinton?

he dies

On what page do you learn about the rumble in The Outsiders?

you find out about the rumble on page 83 of the outsiders book with the blue cover. Dally. Pony and Johnny are at Dairy Queen when Dally tells them about the rumble.

What starts the rumble-The Outsiders?

The rumble in the book outsiders is a fight (physically).

How did ponyboy get ready for the rumble in the book the outsiders?

takes 5 asprins

Who gets his nose broken in the rumble in the book the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

Will POnyboy participate in the rumble?

Yes, in the book The Outsiders Ponyboy in fact DOES participate.

What are five things that happened during the rumble in the outsiders book on chapter 9?


What was Darry's challenge at the rumble is accepted by Paul Holden in the book of the outsiders?

ponyboy fights for

What happen at the rumble in the book of The Outsiders?

phony boy get kicked in the head ny a soc and he got a concsion

What will the rumble in the outsiders define?

At one point of the book Randy explains how the rumble won't change anything. socs will still be socs and greasers will still be greasers...i

A book like The Outsiders?

you can read more books by se hinton that are something like the outsiders they also involve gangs1) Rumble Fish2) That Was Then, This Is Now3) Taming The Star Runner (not really involving gangs for this book)

Where did the rumble take place in the book The Outsiders?

the 'fight' as i call it took place i belive in my mind at a park or a parking lot

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