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A German soldier after an intense knife fight.

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Q: Who killed fish in saving private Ryan?
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Why was fish crying in saving private ryan?

In the film Saving Private Ryan, Mellish, also known as Fish, is crying because he was given a Hitler Youth knife. It caused him to begin to cry because it reminded him of the evil that Hitler perpetrated on the Jewish people.

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In the movie Saving Private Ryan what does the German soldier do later in the film?

I think to illustrate compassion in war. The conflict of human nature, how one decision can cost so much in war however noble it's intentions. Sure it was repaid, however that soldier killed Fish and the Captain in the end. Uppem saved his own life at the cost of 2 you believe it was the right thing as the soldier was killed in the end anyway? The German was technically a prisoner of war. Killing him would have amounted to a war crime. Only captured spies may be executed.

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A good source for the info on the Characters and Actors can be found in an on-line Encyclopedia on the movie.

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