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Q: Who last saw the ghost in Hamlet?
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Who first saw the ghost of Hamlet?

it is the most correct answer the person who first saw the ghost of King Hamlet was Prince Hamlet's friend Horatio

Who saw the Ghost of King Hamlet first?

Marcellus and Barnardo

Hamlet is the only character who sees King Hamlet's ghost throughout the playTrue or False?

False. At the beginning of the play, Bernardo and Francisco also saw the ghost. They were the first ones stated to have seen the ghost of Hamlet's father.

What happened when Hamlet returned home?

He was informed by the guards of ghost at night. Horatio & Hamlet went to investigate .He saw his father's ghost who informed him of foul play as the cause of his death.

Who saw the ghost first hamlet or Horatio?

Horatio, in Act 1 scene 1. Hamlet doesn't see it until scene 4. It has to be this way because in scene 2 Horatio tells Hamlet that he has seen the Ghost.

Who is the ghost name that appears in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is King Hamlet, Hamlet's deceased father.

What does the ghost command him not to do in Hamlet?

The ghost tells Hamlet not to bother his mother.

How does Hamlet learn about the ghost?

HAMLET learns about the ghost from horatio and marcellus

Who is the ghost in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is the spirit of Hamlet's father, come to ask Hamlet to avenge his death.

What did the ghost reveal to prince hamlet?

He told Hamlet that he (the Ghost) had been murdered by Hamlet's uncle Claudius.

Who was the first person to see the ghost in Hamlet?

Marcellus and Barnardo saw the Ghost first. Between those two, it isn't clear which one was the first.

Did Hamlet really saw the ghost or not?

Before Hamlet sees the ghost it has already been seen by Bernardo, Marcellus and Horatio - so it seems to be a real ghost. (This all happens in Act 1. Scene 1). But what do we mean when we say a 'real ghost'? Shakespeare never answers that question.

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