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Poster Below is wrong (or out of date ) Hisense makes Insignia ,Dynex and Best Buy Budjet 1080p Sharp product ( now) XOCECO used to make them .

Tier one is top like Sony and Samsung and LG with Vizio and others a 2nd tier and all the junk 3rd tier no such thing as five tiers outside of third world *maybe *

Dynex, along with Insignia, are house brands for Best Buy. You will Only find them there. The manufacturer is XOCECO, which stands for "Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics Company." I know, because I did a lot of research on this unit, and even spoke with a rep from Xoceco, who verified that over 90% of Best Buy's Dynex brand TVs are made by Xoceco. They also make a portion of the Insignia lineup. They manufacture TVs for over 160 brands worldwide, 12 of which are U.S. brands. They manufacture products ranging from entry-level to fairly high-end. They manufacture over 5% of TVs worldwide. Cosidering the number of brands that exist, that's pretty impressive. They assured me, LG does NOT make any of the Dynex brand products. Xoceco has manufactured for SEC, Sanyo, Polaroid, and many others. At one time, they were sole manufacturers for Audiovox. The Dynex brand has, according to Xoceco, been a tier two out of five in regards to quality, competetive with other entry-level models on the market. The Dynex brand is now at about tier 3, marking a deliberate increase in product quality, and being about mid-level in quality. This denotes mainly the new Dynex products released this year.

below is an LGD panel size

I bought a 42" LCD TV last night and i heard the sales associate say that Samsung manufactures the Dynex so that is why i bought it. The picture looked great and it had all the inputs and the price was great.

both below could have the same Samsung Panel

My 2c: I looked at a 19" LCD Dynex side by side with a Samsung 19" and the pictures were identical and quite good. And Dynex is 30-40% less in price than Samsung. How long they last remains to be seen but they get good customer feedback. And yes, the salesman at Best Buy said Dynex is BB's house brand and they're made in China.

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Dynex is Best Buy's brand and is manufactured by Toshiba.

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Q: Who makes dynex televisions?
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What country are dynex TVs made?

Hisense makes Insignia ,Dynex and Best Buy Budjet 1080p Sharp product ( now) XOCECO used to make them .

How do you turn off close captioning on dynex tv?

how to get closed caption on dynex tv

Who owns dynex tv?

Hisense makes Insignia ,Dynex and Best Buy Budjet 1080p Sharp product ( now) XOCECO used to make them .Dynex and init are all owned buy the best buy corporation. they are sold almost exclusively there due to there low production cost and high profit margins

How do dynex TVs compare to samsung TV's?

compared dynex 32l152a11 720p to an 8 year old manavox picture tube set. The clarity on the dynex was not as good, and color on dynex was quite inferior. you get what you pay for. I am returning the $280 dynex tomorrow and will try something in the $400 range.

What name TVs does Magellan technologies manufacture?

I belive based on a search of Dynex Televisions sold at Best Buy the possible answer is Dynex.

Who manufactures Dynex TVs?

Best Buy offers two brands at their stores: Dynex and Insignia. Both are apparently manufactored by LG but while Insignia is made to compete with the more known brands: Sharp, Sony, Samsung, etc. - Dynex is made to be inexpensive.

Bell expressvu codes for a dynex television?

The code for the Dynex 32"lcd TV dx-32L152A11 on bell Express tv is 720 #. that is the code that worked for me

Are dynex TVs good?

Dynex is an AMAZING brand! Way better, and cheaper too! I have a 32' in blue ray, built in DVD player , $400 Good price huh? Hope this helped!:))((:

What TV brand uses the logo D?

the t.v brand is durabrand and good luck finding a replacement remote

Where can you get new remote for my dynex tv?

I would check the internet

What is the Comcast controller code for dynex tv?

10463 worked for me

Does the Dynex-to-RCA Connector Adapter work with any other brand?

The "Dynex-to-RCA Connector Adapter " is compatible with most TVs, DVD players, and subwoofers.