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Mike Farrell, playing Capt.B J Hunnicutt first appeared in the 73 rd episode "Welcome to Korea". This was the start of the 4 th season following the departure of Col Henry Blake and Trapper John.

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Q: Who replaced trapper john on mash tv show?
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Who played trapper john you filmen mash?

Trapper John has been portrayed by three people; Elliott Gould (in movie), Wayne Rogers (in TV show) and Pernell Roberts (for Trapper John, M.D.)

Who played the character Trapper John in the tv series mash?

Trapper John McIntyre was played by Wayne Rogers on the television show M*A*S*H from 1972 -1975 but the character was also portrayed a few years later by Pernell Roberts in the tv show Trapper John M.D. from 1979 - 1986. In the show Trapper John M.D. he played the same character but was in present time USA and not in the Korea War like in the show M*A*S*H.

Which eliott was in maSH?

Elliot (Goldstein) Gould played Dr Trapper John McIntyre in the Robert Altman movie MASH (1970). He never co-starred in the TV series. Trapper is the thoracic surgeon of the 4077th and was played by Wayne Rogers in the television show.

Why was Trapper John written out of the show?


Who was Pernell Roberts on MASH?

Pernell Roberts was not on the CBS television series, M*A*S*H (1972-1983). After the series ended, Roberts did take the role of Trapper John McIntyre (originated in the book) for the CBS medical drama, Trapper John M.D. The show took place in San Francisco and ran from September 1979 until September 1986.

What number episode does Trapper leave MASH?

In the CBS television series M*A*S*H (1972-83) Trapper John is with the group as they say goodbye to Henry Blake at the Season 3 finale. However by the premier of Season 4 he is on his way back to the States, but never seen, as the show welcomes B.J. Hunnicutt.

Who created the TV show Trapper John MD?

What 70s tv show had a doctor living in a winnebago named the titanic?

Trapper John MD

Who replaced Frank Burns on the TV show MASH?

Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, played by Davis Ogden Stiers. Whilst initially an enemy of Hawkeye and BJ, as was Frank Burns, eventually Winchester reached a sort of truce and almost mutual respect with Hawkeye and BJ.

Is MASH a funny show?

MASH is a very serious show that has a lot of comedy in it to soften the seriousness of the theme.

Why did John McIntyre leave MASH?

The actor was upset over the attention that Alan Alda was given and wanted off the show.

Do the MacDonald hall books have any relation to the tv show MASH?

They do seem similar. Bruno and boots do seem like Hawkeye and Trapper/BJ with all their practical jokes and George Wexford-Smyth III does seem similar to Winchester. The book this cant be happening at macdonald hall was written in 1978 when MASH was still on the air but I could not find any evidence that the books were based on MASH.