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The main actors involved with the film The Rocket are Roy Dupis, Julie Le Breton and Stephen McHattie. There are a number of other cast members that feature in this film, however, and for more information try the IMDb website.

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The cast of Rockets Galore - 1958 includes: Nell Ballantyne as Bit Part Reginald Beckwith as Mumford Gabrielle Blunt as Catriona Robert Boothby as himself Jean Cadell as Mrs. Campbell Jeannie Carson as Janet Macleod Jameson Clark as Constable Macrae James Copeland as Kenny McLeod Ronnie Corbett as Drooby Roland Culver as Captain Waggett Richard Dimbleby as himself Daniel Farston Michael Foot as himself Ian Hunter as Air Commodore Watchorn Gordon Jackson as George Campbell Carl Jaffe as Dr. Hamburger Catherine Lacey as Mrs. Waggett John Laurie as Capt. MacKechnie Edgar Lustgarten Alex Mackenzie as Joseph Macleod Duncan Macrae as Duncan Ban Nicholas Phipps as Andrew Wishart Noel Purcell as Father James Jack Short as Roderick Donald Sinden as Hugh Mander John Stevenson Lang as Reverend Angus

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Q: Who starred in the film The Rocket?
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