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Jay Silverheels was his real name. He was a full-blooded Native American who went to Hollywood to work as a stunt man and extra. He had important roles in Key Largo, Broken Arrow, and several other films but is most well known as Tonto, The Lone Ranger's faithful Indian companion.

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The late Jay Silverheels (May 26, 1912 - March 5, 1980) who is best known as Tonto from The Lone Ranger was partnered with Clayton Moore (September 14, 1914 - December 28, 1999) .

Two people of both integrity and quality . You can pay your respects at the link below which will take you to Mr. Silverheels' and Mr. Moore's gravesites .

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Q: Who was Silverheels' partner?
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Who was the Lone Ranger's partner?

Tonto, played by Jay Silverheels.

How did Jay Silverheels die?

Jay Silverheels died from a stroke .

What is Jay Silverheels's birthday?

Jay Silverheels was born on May 26, 1912.

How many kids did Jay Silverheels have and what are their names?

Jay Silverheels is best known for playing Tonto in the television series, The Lone Ranger. Jay Silverheels had four children. Three girls and a boy named Jay Silverheels Jr.

What was the home town of Jay Silverheels?

Jay Silverheels, aka Tonto, was born on Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation near Brantford, Ontario.

How old was Jay Silverheels at death?

Jay Silverheels died on March 5, 1980 at the age of 67.

What 50's television western star with his sidekick Tonto fought for law and order?

"The Lone Ranger" played by the late Clayton Moore, was "Tonto's" partner, played by Jay Silverheels'.

What was Jay silverheels relationship to clayton Moore?

Co-workers. Silverheels played Tonto and Moore played the Lone Ranger.

Who was in The Lone Ranger?

Jay Silverheels

Was Jay Silverheels a Native American?

Yes , he was .

What language did jay silverheels speak?


What character did Canadian Indian actor Jay Silverheels play on tv?

Jay Silverheels played in the role of Tonto in the TV series The Lone Ranger .