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Q: Who was the father of kamran shahid express news?
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Who was the father of kamran shahid conducting program front line on express news Pakistan?


Who is the father of kamran shahid express news?

shahid actor 0f pakistani film industry (late)

Who is Kamran Jawaid and are Mohammad Kamran Jawaid and Kamran Jawaid the same person?

Kamran Jawaid is a Pakistani film critic who writes for the Dawn Newspaper. He is mostly credited as Mohammad Kamran Jawaid and MKJ for short. Kamran Jawaid also co-hosts the morning show Bakhabar Savera at the news channel ARY One World.

What is the number of girlfriend of shahid Kapoor?

There was only just one girlfriend of shahid kapoor. He was committed to kareena kapoor only. There is no more news of anyone in his life.

When was San Antonio Express-News created?

San Antonio Express-News was created in 1865.

Is shahid Kapoor married?

No, he is not married. The news of his marriage was flying in the media. He has refused all those excuses.

What kind of news does the Daily Express News offer?

The Daily Express newspaper is documented as being known for articles relating to gossip, women's features and for sports news. The Daily Express was the first British newspaper to put crosswords in their paper.

Example of soft news?

news papers like the mirror.the daily,the express are examples of soft news.

What type of media is the India Express?

India Express Private Limited is a private type news publishing media . It distributes its news paper all over India and therefore it is a national news paper.

What kind of news did Nestor have of Telemachus's' father?

he had no news

What kind of news did Nestor have of Telemachus' father?

he had no news

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