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norman brenner

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Q: Who was the red headed guy who appeared in all the Seinfeld episodes?
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How many Seinfeld epsodes are there?

All 180 episodes of Seinfeld from all 9 Seasons run in syndication except for one. It was The Puerto Rican Day episode from Season 9. In the episode Kramer accidentally sets a Puerto Rican flag on fire. When the episode originally ran, NBC received many complaints about the episode. That is why it is never seen in syndication. It can only be seen on DVD.

What is the funniest Seinfeld episode?

You can decide that on your own. It's all about your opinion and some people don't even think any of the episodes are funny.

When are new episodes of Seinfeld on?

Alas, my dear friend, the show is no longer in production. All we have to keep us laughing is the spectacular re-runs available on a multitude of broadcast networks.

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What episodes did ss501 appeared on MPick?

all the episodes feature ss501. it was a reality show to help them through there process in debut. it also helped them a LOT!~

Which episode of Seinfeld had the its all pipes scene?

The Wife

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What is the plot of Seinfeld?

The plot of the Seinfeld is about a comedian and his friends.The comedian wants to make a tv show and the show is all about his pursuit and the every day humor in their lives.

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