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the first ones were

1) Nina Blackwood

2) Mark Goodman

3) Alan Hunter

4) Martha Quinn

5) J.J. Jackson

I'm not sure how he spelled his name, but the first VJ or DJ, I remember is Mecah on MTV. And the first time I saw MTV was in 1977 or 1978. I know Mecah personally and his mom and dad. I would like very much to see all of them again. The name Mecah he used on MTV was not his real name. I know what his real name sounds like but I'm not sure of the spelling. The day after I learned his real name, I forgot how to say it. The name Mecah popped into my head, and I shouted it out and he answered me. I called him Mecah a few more times, and then I said, I know I'm not saying your name right, could you tell me how to say your name again. He told me he like that name Mecah, and told me I could call him that name, so I did. Mecah used this name because I first called him this name, but there's another reason. One reason he used it was so I would know that it was him on MTV. After Mecah was a VJ for about 5yrs. He was on a show being interviewed. The guy asked him, how did you get the job as VJ at MTV? Mecah told him, after college he came to NY, and found radio stations he liked and put in applications for a job. A good while went by and he hadn't heard anything. Then one day he got a call from the man who started MTV, and was asked if he could meet with him for a job interview. Mecah agreed. During the interview, Mecah found out what the job was about and knew he hadn't applied for this job. He asked the man how did you find me? This man, " I wish I knew this mans name ", told Mecah he was walking by a radio station and just walked in and asked if they had any applications for DJ positions that they were not interested in hiring at this time if he could take a look at them? The one they gave him was Mecah's. God did this for Mecah. I know why too.

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The original five MTV VJs in 1981 were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson and Martha Quinn

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Q: Who were the original 5 MTV VJ's?
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