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Ookubo, Atsushi did the art and story for Soul Eater.

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"Soul Eater" is written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo.

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Atsushi Okubo .

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Q: Who wrote soul eater?
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What is the name of the 2nd series of soul eater?

Soul Eater Not!

Is soul eater a keyblade?

yes soul eater is a keyblade

What is Soul Eater rated?

Soul Eater is rated 15.

Will soul eater have a new series out soon?

There's a new Soul Eater manga series called Soul Eater Not!.

Will they be making a new series related to soul eater called soul eater not?

Soul eater is already a anime if thats what you meant.

When was Soul Eater - novel - created?

Soul Eater - novel - was created in 2006.

Is there a soul eater game for Xbox?

yes there is it is called soul eater the kishins destruction

How many pages does Soul Eater - novel - have?

Soul Eater - novel - has 323 pages.

How do you say soul glutton or soul eater in latin?

English - Latin Soul Eater - anima comedentis Soul Glutton - gulosus anima

How many ep are in soul eater?

The anime series "Soul Eater" has fifty-one episodes.

What anime are soul and maka from?

they're from soul eater

Is the manga soul eater not still about maka and the others?

Maka and the others appear in the story, but are not the main characters.