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Laura's nickname is Half-pint, mainly because she loved to do everything her Pa did. She was like a mini- version of Pa.

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Laura always identified more closely with her father, to whom she was his "little half-pint of cider half drunk up."


You will need to Read this Article to Locate The section where it is written. This Article is well worth reading: Especially if you are/were A "Little House on the Prairie" Fan.

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Q: Why Laura Ingalls called half pint by pa?
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What was Laura ingalls nickname?

ANSWER:When she was like 8 or 10,11,12, Pa (Her Dad)called her 'Half Pint'. And sometimes He called her 'Flutterbudget'.

What nicknames did Laura Ingalls Wilder go by?

Laura Ingalls Wilder was commonly known as "Half-pint" and "Beth" as a child. As an adult, she was often called "Laura."

What was Pa's nickname for Laura on Little House on the Pairie?

"Little half-pint of cider half drunk up" or Half-Pint, and Flutterbudget.

What was Laura's nickname on liitle house on the praire?

Laura's Pa nicknamed her Half-Pint.

What did pa call Laura?

Pa had two nicknames for Laura: "Half-Pint" and "Flutterbudget".

What are some good things to put in a biograhy box for Laura Ingalls Wilder?

twig, stick or Lincoln Log to represent a log cabin covered wagon calico fabric square (Laura and Mary Ingalls were calico dresses made by Ma.) satin hair ribbon (Ma fixed Laura and Mary's hair, putting in ribbons each day.) fiddle (Pa played the fiddle each evening for the family) empty, small "school size" milk carton (Pa called Laura "Half Pint" map of Wisconsin - Laura Ingalls was born there small chalkboard &/or a piece of chalk - Laura attended a one room schoolhouse and completed lessons on a slate. The slate resembles a small chalkboard.

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