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Sasuke didn't destroy the village because it was already destroyed by Pein. Instead he goes after Danzo


Sasuke kills Danzo but he later starts going blind because of all the fighting...

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Q: Why did Sasuke not destroy the village?
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Does Sasuke return to the leaf?

yes Sasuke does return to the side of the leaf meaning he is once again a good person .But he does not return to the hidden village of the leaf.

Does Sasuke destroy leaf village?

No he never had the chance to because pain destroyed the village already and sasuke was in the middle of a mission to kill the 8 tailed beast in the village hidden in the that time he was free of the curse mark and re-named his group the Taka and joined the akatsuki.He intense to destroy the leaf village because after sasuke killed itatchi, Madara Uchiha from the akatsuki organization reveals the truth of the night when his clan was slaghtered.(Madara is the guy with the orange mask)madara also told him the leaf once had something against the uchiha clan.So they forced itatchi to destroy them.So itatchi did it and killed them sasuke didnt die on that night because itatchi wanted sasuke to hate im to grow strong enough to avenge his clan so he started to train and joined the leaf village.Soon sasuke doesnt think he has enough power so he leaves the village to get power from oruchimaru.And in naruto shippuden when sasuke killed itatchi he gave sasuke new sharingan powers.also when sasuke found out he killed his brother for no reason he was pissed off about what the leaf village did. (This answer tells you more information about sasuke in naruto shippuden)

Will Sasuke ever go back to the leaf village?

He may return to the leaf village, but, most likely he will not. By looking at the current status he is full of darkness so it is more than likely he won't be coming back. As previous answerer has probably already said Sasuke will not come back to the village in the way that you're implying. Sasuke will indeed return, dead or to destroy Konoha. To be honest there isn't much hope that he will ever be good again, so to speak.

Which anime characters go from good to evil and back?

Looks like Sasuke Uchiha will from Naruto because he started out helping the village then wanted to destroy it and now is off to help it again

Who stops Sasuke from destroying the village?

probably naruto

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When will Sasuke destroy the village?

Unknown, not yet

Will Sasuke destroy the leave village?

Unknown, wait and see

Was Sasuke dead on episode 138?

Sasuke isn't dead but he is planning to destroy the leaf village with his team

Did Sasuke return to hidden village?

No. Only To Destroy It, In Shippuden. Only. Never In The First Series. So He Only Returned To The Village, To Destroy It

What will sasuke do if he dont want to destroy leaf village?

kiss sakura and married her

Is sasuke ever going back to the leaf village after he kills danzou?

yes to destroy it.

Does Sasuke become the7 ho?

No, he returns but its to destroy the village, and hes one of the akastu

Does sauske ever turn good again?

sasuke says hes going to be like his brother itachi and put his self over the village since itachi thought sasuke was more important then the village sasuke said he vows to destroy the hidden leaf

Will Sasuke come back to the village?

no sasuke will try to destroy it because when he finds about that the hokage ordered itachi to kill his clan he wants revenge and he comes to destroy konoha and naruto is to weak to defend it because of the batttle with pain

Does Sasuke return to the leaf?

yes Sasuke does return to the side of the leaf meaning he is once again a good person .But he does not return to the hidden village of the leaf.

Does sasuke come back in Naruto Shippuden?

No, till now in manga in chapter 496 sasuke has got even more evil and plans to destroy naruto and leaf village.

How does Sasuke come back to the village?

I would hate to spoil it too much for any one but, sasuke actually doesn't return to Kahona but instead creates a team to destroy it. :)